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Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's Halloween Day and we have already done so much this weekend! I think today will be dedicated to watching football and hanging out with friends. Thankfully it doesn't really feel like fall with the 75 degree weather and sunny skies!

To get the Halloween weekend started, yesterday I ran my first 5k. I ran the Monster Dash with 2 friends from work and it was so much fun! The boys came to support us and cheer us on! Emily and I ran together and we beat our goal time so I feel really good about it. I have already printed off my training guide for a 10k! Lets hope I can get there! The 5k was harder than expected. I think I messed up on the my h2o intake because I was soooo thirsty throughout the race and it was a pretty warm day. Thankfully we train on a lot of hills during our lunch time work runs because this course was considered challenging and it was!
Last night we continued the Halloween celebration by going to a nursing school Halloween party. It was a ton of fun and people really got into it. We had a entrance fee which would then go to the winner of the costumer contest and we also had a spooky themed food table. It was intense but a ton of fun!!!Brett ("1986 Olymic Skiing Champion"-the runner up) and Kember ("Jane Fonda"-the Costumer Contest Winner)

Needless to say the food was so gross no one ended up eating anything...

Jordan and Jeff

Happy Halloween and Fall ya'll!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall in Denver

Fall has finally come to Denver and from what we are hearing from others the fall is lasting longer than usual. It is Denver's tradition to snow on Halloween but so far I am not convinced it will be happening this year. For now I am happy with fall lasting awhile longer because of I love the crisp cool air with crystal clear blue skies! I am also loving the fall leaves! Our block has some particularly beautiful trees!

Takin' Pete on a walk!

Fall leaves by our house

A gorgeous tree!

Teo Halloween pumpkins!

Pumpkin Carving party with Brett's friends from school

Awesome produce from the farmer's market! All this for $10

Thanks for reading!