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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

While we missed everyone on Thanksgiving we did get to have a nice relaxing holiday with our little family. We headed up the Breckenridge on Thursday morning and played tourists for the day and night. We spent the morning driving up and stopping in all the tiny ski towns, we ate lunch and walked Pete around downtown Breckenridge. We took a tour of the amazing "mountain cabins" in Breck and then stayed the night in Frisco at the Lake Dillion Lodge. It was a great holiday with lots of fun memories! I'm pretty sure this is the first Thanksgiving that either of us have ever eaten Mexican food for Thanksgiving dinner!

The Continental Divide- notice the snow line

Downtown Breckenridge

A "cabin" in Breckenridge

Brett and Pete hanging out!

Walking around in downtown

Lake Dillon

Our family Christmas photo

Saturday, November 20, 2010

November In Denver

Life in Denver is always fun! We have been pretty busy but also really enjoying ourselves here.

Currently Brett is at Denver Health doing his mental health clinical rotation. He is really enjoying it despite being gone all weekend. His rotation is Saturday and Sundays 630am to 630pm. However, it does give him Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays off to work on homework, go to the mountain and hang with the dog! He also found out his next clinical rotation will be Saturday and Sundays at Children's Hospital for his pediatric rotation. He has said he is really looking forward to that particular rotation. Considering what a great hospital Children's is hopefully he will get to see a lot and help out a lot as well. All this knowledge he is gaining makes me much more comfortable and it will be so nice when we have a family.

I have been working as usual. We are counting down that days until we head home and to Maui. I made a paper chain with a countdown so we can get excited every day!

Not only are we looking forward to the amazing Maui weather and vacation but we are also excited to see our families and wish each other safe travels over the holidays. My parents are headed to Cleveland to see Amy and Zach. My sister is due to have a baby girl on the 16th of December. Brett's parents are headed to Okinawa to visit Michelle, Chad and Olivia. Scott, Erica and the kids are headed to CA to see Erica's family and we are headed to Maui. Our families will be very spread out this holiday season. I am also looking forward to meeting Brett's cousins new little girl Kaylie!!

Not only has Denver been fun for us but we are guessing that Pete is pretty happy as well! He will be coming home with us on the 15th and staying with Ann, Mike and the Kids. I am positive he is excited to see his old life for a couple weeks. However, I think he is trying to catch some extra sleep because he knows he will be running around a lot in the upcoming weeks!

"This is what I woke up to this morning!"

We had our first bit of snow in Denver. So far it hasn't been anything to write home about but we have a had a dusting here and there. It is always fun when it snows because everything is so quiet and pretty. We thought because of the snow we should also equip Pete with the right gear for our walks!

I have also been trying to get into the wintry spirit by decorating our little basement apartment and cooking some yummy holiday/wintry dishes!

"Roasted butternut squash with rosemary, thyme and onions"

"Pete and Brett showing off the fireplace decorations!"