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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

With  no real job (yes, I am helping out at the office but it is not exactly consistent) I have found myself doing projects around the house!  Some are things that need to get done while others are more fun and for pleasure!  Today's project....


I consider myself a very very very beginner sewer because 1. I have not spent very much time sewing and 2. I, as Brett would say and I would agree, lack attention to details, so most of my stuff is rough.  However, I am happy to use and enjoy my creations.  Especially if it means I got to save a few dollars in the end!  Today I made a cute camera strap for my lovely canon camera and I also attempted and then practiced (A LOT) how to make a baby blanket with mitered corners!  Yes, I also learned the term mitered corners today while you tubing and googling my project!  Here is how I did...

 Today's Projects!

 First attempt... Whoa that is ugly.  This was before I decided to look up how to do it!  This is typically how I do things.  Try, suck, google, try again, get a little better!

 Getting a little better...

If you ask me, this looks much better. 

Unfortunately, now I am out of the silk border so I have to head back to JoAnn Fabrics to get more!  I am also working on our stairs up to the nursery so pictures will be coming soon!  I did however, apply my first clear coat to them today and I have also painted the kick stops blue.  Tomorrow is another clear coat and hopefully attaching the kick stops to the stairs and finishing them!

Here is a bit of a teaser!

Monday, September 26, 2011


We have been enjoying what seems to be our last few days of summer here in the Northwest and I guess getting ready for fall, which means getting ready for baby!!  I have 46 days left according to my due date so I guess that number could be plus or minus 10 or more on each side! Who knows when the little one will come really?!?!

 I have made it to 33 weeks as of this last Friday!  Not the best picture but if I don't just take it I will never remember!

 I got this super ugly dresser at the Goodwill... 

 painted it... and turned it into what I think is a pretty cute dresser now!

 We cleared our backyard this last week and if you had seen it before you know what a big job it was!  Plus, the guys who did it put in this awesome drain and despite the rain our backyard is actually starting to dry up!

 Brett and I spent Sunday at one of our favorite places!  Not only is this Qwest field but it was the Seahawks home opener in the loudest stadium in the the NFL.  Since we beat rivals Arizona, Qwest definitely lived up to its name this weekend!  We had such a great time with our friends watching the game!!!  And no, we didn't get kicked out this time ;)

Brett also finished up a project from his honey-do list, made by yours truly!  He built shelves and hanger rods in our nursery closet!  Now the room is even closer to being ready!!!  Our baby is lucky to have such a handy and helpful daddy!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Do the Puyallup!

It is finally THAT time of year... and I have been waiting for this since Brett and got married... THE PUYALLUP Fair!  Brett and I got married in December 2008 and then moved to Australia before we could go to the fair in 2009.  Then we lived in Denver for the 2010 fair season but finally we got to go this year!!! It was so much fun and Brett indulged me by going along with all my favorite fair traditions!

First, we got an ear of corn...

 Then, we went and saw all the animals, and I mean ALL the animals...

 These little guys were only 8 days old!!!

Next on the list was the ferris wheel...

 and some other rides suited more for Brett....

 Lastly, we stocked up on scones and headed out!  All this was accomplished in a very fun 2 1/2 hours!  It was about 85 degrees the day we went so it was nice to be outside and enjoying the weather!!!

Yes, we purchased 2 bakers dozen of scones and while I wish they were all for me, half did go to my parents and Amy and Zach!

Baby Update!

I am 31 weeks and 3 days pregnant now!  I feel like my bump is getting bigger now, finally, and I can feel the baby moving a lot!  At certain times I have been able to feel where the body parts are however I cannot distinguish which hard mass is what but as far as I know the baby is still head down so it is usually the little ones bum that is pushing into my ribs.  All in all, I am feeling good and everything is just going along as it should be!  6 more week until I am full-term and only 9 weeks total to go!!!  We also just passed by the 2-months-until-my-due-date point so that was exciting!!!!!  Baby boy or girl Teo will be here before we know it! 

31 week picture

Thanks for stopping by and checking in on us!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

10 Weeks to go!

I am officially 30 weeks pregnant and that means just 10 weeks to go until we meet our little one! All is going well minus a few minor pregnancy related things. I ended up in the labor and delivery unit at TG on Saturday due to contractions and not feeling the baby move. Apparently I was in preterm labor... After lots of tests, fluids, and chatting with a Dr. and nurse we got to go home with lots of instructions to monitor the baby closely and call my Dr. first thing Tuesday morning. I have also been going out to the Dr. office once a week to get my blood drawn for low platelets and then seeing my Dr. every two weeks for my routine visits. It all sounds very intense but thankfully everything seems to be fine and lets just hope this baby wants to stay in there another couple of months! Man, I sound kind of high maintenance but I am sure trying not to be!

30 weeks

On another note Brett and I just got back from a very fun camping trip! We spend 3 nights away camping on the coast. We headed down I-5 to Newport, OR and then spent the next few nights and days driving up the 101 and visiting each little town along the way! It was a great getaway and got us excited to camp with a little one!

Atop the Astoria Column: 162 stairs to the top!

Drift wood at West Oswald State Park

Our little family at Canon Beach

Enjoying some clam chowder in Depoe Bay

Playing with our camera around the campfire

Searching for whales in Depoe Bay

**yes, I am wearing the same sweatshirt in every picture because lets just say I like to pack light!

Brett starts work on Wednesday and I am pretty confident he is really excited! He has been reading through all his old text books to, as he puts it, get his "hat rack" thinking again and he has been purchasing a few pairs of scrubs for his first days! It will be exciting to hear all about his new life in the ICU! Harrison is lucky to have him!

We also got to celebrate Coco's 3rd birthday with a trip to the zoo! I have decided that I am not buying children's gifts because they really don't ever fully appreciate a mountain of gifts and instead pick their favorite and the rest end up in the corner so Brett and I's new gift giving is an activity spent with us! We gave Coco a trip to the zoo and lunch out! She was so excited about having a day out by herself and it also gave Erica and Gavin a chance to have the morning to themselves! Everyone wins!
Coco loved the fish

Thanks for reading!