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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

 Ok, I know I change our background all the time but the constant change is kind of like my personality... I get bored easily!  Plus, who doesn't want to look at a beach scene?  I sure do!! 

I decided to change the background to brighten my mood and to prepare me for our trip to Maui this Sunday!!  I am so excited to take Trevi to Maui and let her experience the sun, sand and my favorite place on the planet!  Plus, it will be such a nice vacation as a family!!  So, in preparation for the trip here are some pictures from our last trip there baby free.

 My favorite time of year in Maui? Whale Soup!!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

 12 weeks old but not quite 3 months

 OK, what is wrong with this picture... my daughter either has way more clothes than I do or I wash hers a lot more.... Probably both are true!  LUCKY GIRL

 The Moose just waking up from a nap

A smile goes from this..... this!!!

 Dad is out of town so I killed some time by actually trying some of the recipes I like on Pinterest.  These are apple fritters.  They were just ok.  The recipe did not exactly work out like it said it would either.  They had to be finished off in the oven because they were still gooey out of the fryer.  Mine ended up a little overdone. 

Fun to try something new though.

Friday, January 27, 2012


 Not sure we can repeat this on command but here is proof that she has rolled over!

 First shopping trip to the mall with Dad... This is how I feel about it too!! :)
Don't get me wrong, we love hanging out with him he is just so darn indecisive....

 Found her hands! They are constantly in her mouth and consequently she is gagging herself a lot...  She'll learn eventually!
 Don't worry, Pete still exists!

 Find Trevi!

 First bumbo experience!

 A little wobbly but she sure liked it!

"Hey, what's that bright light always flashing in my eyes?"

Trevi is going to be 12 weeks on Monday!  She feels so big and seems to be doing something new everyday!  As you can see she can roll over (from stomach to back, sort of), she is sitting up much better (with assistance from the chair), she found her hands and is either sucking on them or staring very intently at them, she loves loves loves to stand and she is still smiling soooooooo much!  She even smiles at strangers now!  Thanks for checking in on us!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm 11 Weeks Old!!!

 Learning to sit up!

 Pete watching over us while Dad is at work!

 All smiles!

 Getting so strong!  

For Brett's 28th birthday we decided to spend the day in Seattle being tourists!  First stop, taking the ferry!  We parked in Bremerton and walked onto the ferry!  This was Trevi's 2nd ferry ride!
 Just hanging with Dad!

 We headed straight to Uwajimaya to get lunch and check out the market!  It was super fun!

They even had the super special salad dressing that Mich and Chad introduced us to at Christmas!

 Always doing something eXtreme!

 Sightseeing in Seattle

 It will forever be Qwest field in my heart

 Best Dad in the world!

We had dinner with Chris and Kelly at their place!  They live below Pikes Place Market so we shopped there for fresh goodies and made an amazing dinner! Thanks for hosting our dinner guys!

 Sterrance meets baby!!

Just chillin on the ferry!

HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY TO BRETT!!!!  You are an amazing dad and Trevi is so lucky to have you!  We love you!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

 10 Week Old Peanut!!!

 All smiles these days! (well, providing she is well rested!!)

 I have never seen snow here like this!

 6 inches.... WHAT!!!!

 Hahaha, cashed out!

 Daily spa treatment!! CALMING lavender night time bubble bath.  It seems to be working!

Nothing better than a sleeping baby

Monday, January 16, 2012

 10 Weeks Old!!!

 at the dr. office

 so silly

 with cousin Memphis! We are only 4 hours apart

 Hanging with cousin Violet and Auntie Amy

 Just lounging in my chair

 First comes love then comes baby

 Family photo

 It's snowing!!!

First snow at Trevi's house!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy 2 Months Baby Trevi 

Thanks for the cute headband auntie Mich and the cute monthly onesies cousin Rachel!!  Sure made for a cute photo shoot of Miss Trevi!

 What are you lookin at....