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Friday, September 28, 2012

Emily for the WORLD'S RACE!!!  
I have a friend who is incredibly inspiring, smart, thoughtful, warm and adventurous and she is now preparing for an adventure that I can only be jealous of! Emily Wright has been accepted to join the World's Race where she will visit 11 countries in 11 months starting January 2013! This trip is going to be life changing for not only Emily but also her team, the ministry she is traveling with and especially the people she encounters! I am so excited for her to take this amazing leap of faith, leave everything she knows and change the world! Good luck Emily!!! I have added her website below in case you want to read more about her, the World's Race or donate to her mission!!! Either way please remember to pray for her!!!! Go Emily!
 Emily and I running the Monster Dash in Denver 2010!
Let the record show that she did beat me! This girl has guts and sheer determination! We were dog tired and she wanted to sprint once we saw the finish line... Go ahead Emily! I'll see you at the end! :)

 We both have a love for caramel apple!
Estes Park, CO

Attempting to actually take a bite of the apples! 

Emily and I met in Denver when I stated working at Jones International University! She was my life line at a very depressing job! We ran at lunch everyday just to keep our sanity and when things got really bad she introduced me to Chick-Fil-A! I will owe her for a lifetime for letting me in the juicy secret that is a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich and their special sauce! Emily is wonderful and she will be great on this adventure! Especially if she finds some palm trees and sand along with those cute little faces and trusting eyes of the people she will meet along the way!

 Check out her website/blog on the World's Race website!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

 Pajama Girl!!!
 Trevi pretty much lives in PJ's!

Just a girl and her toys!

 enjoying playing with the basket!

 she seriously climbs onto everything!

 All smiles!

 Not only does she love to push and stand on her truck but she loves to ride on it as well!
She would let you push her all day!

 she loves drift wood just like her Auntie!

 eating some cheerios on the deck!

 emptying the bowl!

 mid clap!

 pack peek-a-boo behind the curtains!

 Where's Trevi?!?!?!

playing with her toys this morning in our sunny living room!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

                          Daddy's Weekend!

I spent the weekend in Seattle with Erica at Coffee Fest and while I was away ALL this happened!!!!  You can be sure Trevi had a great weekend!

 some more fridge climbing!

 she loves the strainer!

 Trevi is quite the climber!

 playing with some carrot tops!

 with Memphis at Saturday morning coffee!

 T went pumpkin picking with Pa!

 OK, seriously, I feel like she should be able to walk if she can do this!!!!
However, no steps yet...

 Daddy took her paddle boarding!

 notice they are both in tank tops! Beautiful September weather! 
No one in our household is ready for fall.

 hanging out with some of her cousins at Brielle's first birthday party!
Left to right: cousin Brielle, auntie Esther, cousin Eggie, T and Great auntie Carol!

more climbing!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

 It's been a little over 2 years since we returned from our year traveling and that makes me sad. I am ready for our next big adventure!!!

However, in the mean time here is recap of some of the fun stuff we did while we were gone! Never could I get all the pictures I love on a blog but here are a few!!

 our luggage: 
mine on the right (hence the pink)
 Brett's on the left (hence the weird golf looking bag which is actually kite boarding gear!)

 I went from the above 3 bags to these two smaller ones for NZ and Asia!
  I still firmly believe in no checked baggage!

Events are in no particular order.  One reason why I don't love a blogspot blog. You can't organize a post very well....

 we got to transport baby turtle eggs to a safer nesting place at Mons Repot Turtle Beach
 where we made dinner, slept and made breakfast! All free! Showers too via the water!

 koala bears everywhere in Australia but especially here at Blanket Bay

 Our first day in Brisbane!

 Our first night in the van! We slept here!

 we then found this cool free pool and layed out until we decided to drive to the next town!
This pretty much sums up our lives for the next 9 months!

 Ahhh, cooking class in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

 a virtually perfect empty beach at Cape Tribulation/the Daintree, Aus

 In love with this van... STILL!!!

 hanging at the beach in Hua Hin, Thailand! 
For $3 we could get two chaise loungers, lunch, swimming and a perfect tan 
I think we did this for about 18 days straight!

 See.. Lunch!

 Rainforest Habitat Port Douglas, Aus

 I love Kangaroos!

 hahah, I can't believe they actually rented us a car on Fraiser Island, Aus!

 Notice the mud.... that was a rainy day but that's what made it the most fun!

 A dingo!

 man o' war

 Surfer's Paradise!


 Brett's favorite kiting spot! Port Whelshpool! He said there were tons of sting rays below him!

 he was the only one there! He kited, I read, we spent the night there and then headed off to the next town!

 Ahhh, I love two towns named Sorrento (One in Aus and another in Italy)

 This was Valentine's Dinner!

 12 Apostles

 London Bridge: the formation that is!

 Bell's Beach! Some big surf movie was filmed here. Don't tell Brett I can't remember which one!

 unpacking, cleaning organizing and re-packing for NZ and Asia. The van was sold at this point....  :(

 first stop on the PKRA tour along with the St. Kilda Festival. We later caught up the PKRA tour in Hua Hin, Thailand! (Notice a theme to our places to visit!) 

 sad day... sleeping at the Melbourne airport.

 So sad to be leaving Aus..... :(

 Moeraki Boulders in NZ.  They are just falling apart on the beach.

 our sleeping arrangements in NZ. Brett in the one man tent and me in the car.  Now you wonder why I have an aversion to any tent smaller than the 10 man :)

 Fjordland National Park, NZ

 Fjordland: simply breath taking

 heading into one of the waterfalls!

 Pauakkili pancake rocks

 Ferry from North Island to the south!

 AHHHHHH, Hong Kong Disneyland! I will go to disneyland any chance I can get. Especially in a foreign county!

 Working on Shaolin (A Chinese junk ship) in Port Douglas!

 Monkey Mountain Hua Hin, Thailand!

 one of 3 jobs in Port Douglas! (Delivery girl) 
A stick shift on the other side of the car while on the other side of the road delivering pizza in an unfamiliar town..... WHOA!

 Phi Phi Island Phuket, Thailand!

 Some beautiful boats and a beautiful picture thanks to Brett's desire to always explore!

 feeding some monkeys!

 hahaha, look at the hoards of tourists here! This was kind of typical in Phuket

 One of Brett's jobs in Port Douglas! Snorkel tours aboard the most beautiful boat: Sailaway!

 Sleeping in the van at Slade Point! This was one of my favorite "campsites"!
The most beautiful place I have ever been to: The Whitsunday Islands in Australia! 
This is not photo shopped!!

 Australia loves big statues of things that towns are known for: This being a mango in Bowen! 

 On the hunt for the famous Cassowary!

 We found one.... then we proceed to run from it! They are a little dangerous.

 Here's one looking awfully docile.  However, he is in the rainforest habitat in Port Douglas so no worries about getting attacked here!

 Our first koala bear encounter was on Magnetic Island, Aus

 Overlooking Port Douglas

 One of many amazing "campsites"

 hahaha, speaking of campsites! We spent the night here! After dinner Brett decided to go for an evening/night swim! He came back, we went to sleep and then we woke up and saw this sign....

 Thank goodness he is still with us today!!! :)