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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Homemade Eggo's waffles

Trevi loves a good breakfast (think eggs, chicken breakfast sausage, pancakes, waffles or a smoothie) but sometimes we need something quick and easy before we head out the door so I decided to start making homemade Eggo's waffles to pop in the toaster! It has helped us use up the extra waffle batter as well as provided a quick breakfast for the little lady! Her daddy made this batch with mixed berries! Toast, too with GG's raspberry jam and she inhales them! Not only are they way better for her than the frozen store bought ones they are way cheaper!

Sunny days = happy family!

Here is our weather forecast!!! Oh, and it's May!!! Oh, and Brett has 8 days off! Did I mention We LOVE the sun?!?! Yahoo!!

Here are some pictures of Miss. T at the park today and some of her smelling our neighbors tulips!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

 Trevi's Silliness!

 meeting Sammy the guinea pig!

 playing in daddy's truck!

 walking hand and hand with daddy!

 downtown girl!

 walking in the rain!

 playing with Violet!

 row boat ride!

she loves rides in daddy's truck through the neighborhood!
I have been running lately and I am pretty stoked about it! I finally got over my previous running hurdle (I could not get past the first mile mentally and therefor physically.)  I have been going to Gateway Fitness for the last few months and doing a kinesis class 3 days a week which has been great! I finally got my mind back on working out! I have gotten stronger, more toned and in better shape in preparation for running! The class is a combination of cardio and strength training. If you are looking for a gym and a super great class consider kinesis with Marlene at Gateway fitness. 

 my running pals!

That being said here is a list of my latest runs!

4.11.13 (Thursday)
3.56 miles in Cromwell

4.15.13 (Monday)
2.87 miles walking Chambers Bay (a bum burner!!)

4.20.13 (Saturday)
4.67 miles in Cromwell

4.23.13 (Tuesday)
3.93 miles in Cromwell

4.25.13 (Thursday)
4.15 miles in downtown Gig Harbor

4.26.13 (Friday)
3.36 miles on Cushman Trail (pushing Trevi)

I realized that pushing Trevi is making running a little more challenging because of the added weight and I end up stopping a lot more because she needs something.  Thankfully when Brett is around he is willing to push the stroller which allows us to go on family runs!  I am also hoping that training in Gig Harbor and Cromwell, especially, will allow me to handle most terrain because my current routes are so hilly.  You really can't get away from hills in Gig Harbor.

I really hope to keep this trend up because I am enjoying running and finally making some progress in my distance!

Here are some fun blogs I follow to get me motivated!

 Post Run Fun!

  like father like daughter!

Silly girl!

Trevi is so silly and so curious! She loves to carry stuff around in purses or boxes! And she thought daddy stretching was so silly!

I also learned to make poached eggs!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 family run!

 showing Daddy her new watering can! 
 Trevi is loving helping in the yard!

a little gardener in training!

 Pool time!
 It hit 61 degrees here so we decided to bring out the pool for Trevi's post lunch clean up!

 All her friends made it in to the pool with her!

 she kept running into the house grabbing more toys and stuffed animals to put in the pool. I stopped her at kitty and sheepy!

she is a water girl!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Trevi's attends mini cooking school!

I am always cooking ad Trevi is always hanging on my leg so I decided to let her help me cook! We made 2 batches of pesto! She was a great helper and so much fun!

I also added a few random photos just for fun!

"Stopping to smell the roses!"

Trevi is so animated and so much fun! She is silly, sweet, curious, happy and such a polite little girl! Here are some of our latest photos!

-Shopping for a shed in the rain
-smelling the flowers
-cousin love in the car
-baby Ben was born! 7 lb 1 oz 20 inches! Ann did great and the boys love him!
-Enjoying the Dutch door