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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Fun 2013!

This was our first Halloween that T could actually experience and enjoy! She loved picking out her pumpkin, pushing the wagon around, feeding the farm animals, playing on the toys, carving her pumpkin and celebrating a very fun holiday! I really love love love the age T is at because everything is fun new and exciting! Life through the eyes of a almost 2 year old is incredible!

Picking Time:
 Creek House Farms! A great family run farm perfect for kids to explore!

 riding the animals!
T would have been happy if this was all she got to do!

 bundled up for pumpkin picking!

 T and B checking out the animals!

 T was impressed!

 who doesn't love farm animals?!!?

 The dad's had to test out the see-saw before the girls took a ride!

 the slide was a big hit!

 the little's turn!

 playing in the wooden car!

 time for a ride!

 this little wagon almost took her down the hill.

 cousin teamwork!

 at just 5 weeks apart they are buddies!

 the girls got distracted by the rope swing!

 daddy took over to get the wagon up the hill!

 classic daddy

 she's loving it!

 can't leave without this shot!

Carving Time:
 daddy cutting the stop off

 excited by what's inside!

 sticking her hand into the guts for the first and only time :)

 picking out the seeds so mom can roast them!

 working on the face!

 "I want the other eye here."

 Silly hat Daddy!

 let me try!


 Daddy let her have a turn....

 She looks very intent on helping!

The Pumpkin's first pumpkin!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cousin Fun Day!

 Coloring after swimming!
I think T's favorite activity at the Y is coloring... why do we pay for her to do classes again?!?! ;)

I took Trevi and Violet on a morning play date to the zoo and then to frozen yogurt! We then spent the afternoon at Auntie Amy's where the girls each took a 3 hour nap then it was off the Grandma's house for dinner! Here how our day went!
 the girls love the elephants

 T loved the monkeys because they were swinging through on the ropes!

 the baby tiger was very active!

 we even saw the elusive porcupine!

 Fro-yo was a hit!!!!

 watching football 

 fun at Auntie Amy's house!

 of course she had to play with the horses at Grandma's!

check out that pony tail!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Park afternoon! 
I love these random days of sunshine.  Don't get me wrong I would love for it to be sunny every day but for now I'll take it where I can get it!

 Rockin' her Maui hat! Can't wait to get back there!

 playing in the sand box!

Zoo Boo Bash!
Another reason why I love our zoo membership... ZOO BOO Bash!  The zoo had a special Halloween themed morning where the kiddos could wear their costume and watch the animals play with pumpkins!  T loved wearing her monkey costume!

 heading into the zoo

 the zoo was giving out a Halloween themed Kids Cliff Bar.  She loved the chocolate chip flavor!

 Violet and the gang joined us!

 sharing their bars!

 cute girls!

Home Improvement!
T wanted to help Daddy with some home improvements!  She helped Daddy fix the screen door, wash the windows, get the mail and stack some fire wood! Such a good little helper!

 just hanging out with her dad!