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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Week!

Hi, Harvey!

Carving pumpkins with dad at the Sepulvda's!

gooey hands!

A preview for tomorrow!

Yes, Harvey is pacifier free... sort of. There are times when I need him to be quietly awake and church is one of them.

But then this happened!

She is content to window shop... we visit the carousels almost daily!

She never takes the easy route but I sure do love our evening walks!

The house was quiet and usually parents get nervous. From the kitchen I asked Trevi was she was doing, "Just hanging out on Harvey's mat with him!" was her answer!

I love that she loves her brother and is gentle with him!

We received a Halloween gift box from G and Pa!!!!!

Stickers, tattoos, a  magnetic animal game, cupcake accessories, bath toys and so much more!!!!!

She loved unwrapping each individual item!

Too funny!

Can I have a bite?!?!

Happy smiling boy!

He seriously loves his tongue!

Watching his sister eat some dinner!

He's pretty happy about it!

She was eating cereal (yes, for dinner) out of her cereal bowl! Amazing invention!

Lovin' on the little man!

He seems to want to roll but just can't can't life his head up

Last night after dinner I offered Trevi the option to go get a scoop of ice cream or to go to the park. She chose the park! Parenting Win!!!!!


Pittsburgh, you really are quite gorgeous!

Love the fall leaves, the cute house, a nice neighborhood and adventures with Trevi!

How I spent 99.9% of my time and I am quite ok with that thanks to these two!!!!! 
But we do miss daddy.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

A day in our life!

I'd say Trevi is becoming quite the little artist... or am I a little biased?
Can you tell it's a shark?!?!

Fixing bikes with dad! He teachers her tons of awesome life lessons. I'm sure changing a tire is next!

Getting just the right tool!

Bri (Trevi's cousin) had a bear hunt birthday party and since we had already moved and Trevi didn't get to attend she sent Trevi all the stuff she needed for her own bear hunt! The bear happened to match her perfectly!

Looking for her bear!

Happy little man!

Future fireman?!?

Learning to grasp! and some serious overstimulation :)

Happy to have toys to play with!

these two little ones make my one very happy momma!

This was all her doing!

Baby Trump!

He could watch her all day!

Enjoying some tummy time!

Happy to have Trevi to watch while doing a little strength training!

Butterfly girl!

Butterfly boy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The babies!

Our little Harvey is 14 weeks old and Trevi will be 3 in just a few weeks!! The two littles are growing quickly and getting so fun! Here's proof:

He's found his tongue and loves to play with it!

Almost bigger than his bear!

Two little ham!

"Breakfast in bed"

She asked to hold him!

watching mom cook!

doing a little shopping!

Hi mom!

We may have a thumb sucker... we'll see if it continues!

the tower is still taller than!

my mom took me shopping at Whole Foods! It was glorious!

We always visit the panther while on campus!

The craziness of Jules and Trevi!