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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The end of May

Being from the PNW I wouldn't normally expect May to be a month where we are outside as much as we have been but I am very thankful for the warm weather! Here are some of our fun adventures of the last week!

The spray parks opened!

Harv was all smiles art the spray park! Check out those teeth!

watching his sister splash!

Trevi has really been embracing her big sister role!

Chad flew over Pittsburgh last week! He sent us this photo. How cool is that?!
Too bad his layover wasn't here.

Where's Harvey?

He loves boxes

How big is Harvey?!

Starting to climb!

Sure, I'll be your personal chair!

Hi Dad!

Ana braids

Hey, Trev, smile.... hahah

bucket head!

Doing a little morning painting!

Put a hat on for our walk... Harv was not a fan.

Making messes everywhere he goes is the name of the game!

Brett and Trevi went to a baseball game! Clearly they had fun!


Helping me bake bread

time to let it rise

The olive will tell us where tho go!

Starfish the puppy came with us on a walk

hanging out at the park while Trev plays

All kids wear their swimsuit to the park right?!

morning sunshine!

This kid loves water!

Playing in the rain

I think he finally out grew the kitchen sink for bath.

Trevi and Jules at the zoo!

Watching the polar bears!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

We're having lots of fun in Pittsburgh!
Not sure what they're doing but it looks very intense...

bubbles make for one very happy girl!

trying on shirts while I check out.... not sure anyone would actually buy this.

avocado man!

she spends most of her time in her undies!

helping mom shop...

and put the groceries away!

I love these flowers! and the little girl is pretty great too!

dessert in the tub and someone likes to share!

this kid has some serious volume in his hair... his dad may be a little jealous!

 checking out the latest Little Passports delivery themed art! Thanks G and Pa!

babies in a box!

frozen broccoli is a seriously good teether!

these two and their bike rides crack me up!

figuring out that they can "play" together!

dad and his dude!

this girl's pony tail just makes me smile!

getting into trouble as usual!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

We've been on some seriously fun adventures lately in the nice weather! I love being able to walk to all our favorite stores and be outside in the sun!

This skill is super handy!

We found some awesome colored bath bombs in the $1 bin at Target!

Harvey has discovered that there is someone else in the mirror

Brett introduced Trevi to a childhood favorite: fish sticks!

Our newest breakfast of choice!

hydrating for our walk

Early morning walk to Target. No Harv is not sleeping.

Happiest boy on the block despite his first cold. boo.

Trevi in her "running clothes"
I'm pretty sure she could give Auntie Mich a run for her money in a race!

April showers definitely brought may flowers!

Hanging out at the park

Mall and blizzard date with my girl

playing at the fountain before heading into the library

discovering new things and places daily!

My parents gave Trevi a zoo pass for Christmas and I am positive we have used it plenty of times to pay for it's self over and over again!! Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for the gift that keeps on giving!

All these guys were out playing today!

It said "Do not put your fingers in the water" but it did not say anything about looking over!
She's such a curious little monkey

First time seeing the polar bears in the water! It was awesome!

Despite being a busy Saturday it was worth it for all the extra stuff out for us to explore!
She's so brave!!

no words....

post playing in the rain and bubbles!

Waiting for dad to get home so they can go puddle jumping!

All ready to go! 

corn on the cob!

Am I doing it right?!