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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

trying to keep the kids busy while packing

saying hi to the doggy in the window!

We went to a Peppa Pig meet and greet!

Meeting Peppa

Hanging with out friends at VBS this week!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Being Tourists in our own town!

We're been bound and determined to enjoy Pittsburgh before we leave. I took on the motto of "be a tourist in our town" and "say yes!" We have done a ton lately and we've been having so much fun!

enjoying one last day at Trevi's school playground

stroller car wash

practicing on training wheels

watching T ride! 

yes, she chose to ride in her fairy wings

loving the spray park

headed out for a walk after a thunderstorm rolled through

checking out the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum

two babies in a dinosaur foot print

cruising around the Pitt campus

Enjoying the views from the top of the Cathedral 

crazy dad!

cute old cabin on campus

love spending time with dad

a rare moment!

we love chalk!

end of school performance

The Hungry Caterpillar 
Notice my little strawberry!

She graduated!

cookie reception

we love the fountain outside the library
Our neighbor Lisa's dad made this foundation 

Harvey is NUTS about buses so we often stop and watch them on the bus way

Adventure to Freedom Farms donuts, farmers market and sandwich shop!


Picking strawberries at Paskolz Berry Farm

crazy man running through the fields

Checking out the Shadyside Farmers Market! 
Complimentary face painting!

Our berry loot

Schneller Park carousel!
He chose the biggest baddest animal to ride!

and yes, he wore his cape!

We showed up at Meg's house one afternoon and a neighbor was having chest pains. The EMT in the ambulance let the kids check it out while they were in the house! Pretty much the coolest!

Sharing a smoothie!

headed to the gym with my girl!

Trains for days! 

Man, they were in heaven watching this construction site!

flying kites!

We love Phipps! and we brought our friend, Evie, with us

loving the outdoor garden at Phipps! We love how interactive it is!

Trevi was very intrigued by the bees

We went to Trax Farms for a strawberry festival and the kids were obsessed with the fountains!

train ride

they loved it!

this kid LOVES animals and they love her!

headed to a Pirates baseball game the long way through downtown!

the waterfront is gorgeous on a sunny day!

View from the field

Go Pirates!

First and last day of preschool
We love you Shadyside Presbyterian Nursery School

Tired and napping after all our adventuring!

Bunnies are everywhere in Pittsburgh

We headed to Ohiopyle for a family Father's Day hike!

It was so fun we forgot to take pictures!

Checking out the Children's Museum one more time and they have a Daniel Tiger exhibit!

Harvey finds the tracks right away!

ready for Phipps with her magnifying glass!
She planning to really check things out!

They have the cutest exhibits!

she was super into it!