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Monday, April 17, 2017

Cousins Visit Part 1

Auntie Erica, Uncle Scott and the cousins came to visit us for their spring break and we are so happy they decided to spend their time with us! Here's what we we've been up to for the last 3 days!

Trevi and I used Friday evening for our weekly date. We got all the shopping we needed done for our visitors! Plus, we got some dinner at Whole Foods!

In the pool at 7am!

Boys breakfast!

We showed the cousins the bike park!

Such a fun group of kids who play well and love each other!

Cousin twins!

Show us your muscles boys!

Lunch at In N Out!

pool time shenanigans!

It's a spectator sport

We had a family movie night after a full day of swimming and sunshine!

Auntie and Uncle surprised the kids with our newest friend, Mr Duckie!

Teo family


Family photo!

these two have a very special relationship

Her story was interesting enough that he got on the paddle board with her to listen!

Girlies at church Easter morning!

such a fun little group of kids!

resting up before jumping in again!

lots going on around here!

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