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Thursday, November 30, 2017

6th Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas decorating and more!

It's been a busy and fun month over here! We've celebrated a 6th birthday (a few days late since Trevi was in Belize)! We had our first Thanksgiving (at the lake no less), lots of holiday celebrations at school, decorated our house for Christmas and our first movie theatre experience!

Lets start with my little man and his trains!

A shell Trevi is very proud of bringing home from Belize!

Harvey's travel present: a rain stick!

cupcakes for the 6th birthday dinner

Auntie Amy and Violet got her a hatchimal! 

Out came twins!

Just hanging out in the water table

Dinner in the water table :)

Boomer in doggy training

I got the best travel present even: a hammock!

enjoying a nap in the hammock

modeling the clothes from Auntie Ann

One cool dude

I got a fun girls night dinner at a fancy habachi place

dinner with my buddies!

Decorating the house!

My favorite mantle so far!

Clouds in the dessert are few but beautiful!

Sunsets are pretty awesome too!

Enjoying the Henderson Stroll and Roll

The kids each took a turn in the bubble

We went to the theatre and watched the movie "The Star". It was super cute!

Everyone loves the hammock

Thanksgiving party at preschool 


The decorations are starting to go up in the neighborhood! We love seeing the new ones on our evening walk!

Trevi and I had a date so we got our toes done

My little turkey


always exploring!

Thanksgiving at the lake! It was 80 and perfect!

We had so much fun on Thanksgiving so we decided to go back and camp last Saturday night! We all survived!

Loving my craft from MOPS!

my little book worm!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday in Belize!

Trevi and Brett went on a very special birthday trip to Belize!

Early morning flight for these two!

Go fish in the airport

all ready to head to Houston

landing in Houston

making sure they make their connection to Belize

Little helper

When the airline won't let one parent take a kid out of the country without a note from the other parent, you'll have to spend the night in Houston! Rental car fun!

Trevi loves all animals... real or fake!

Go figure... the Children's Museum was free the evening they were there!

65 foot water wall

Where's Trevi?

Water wall from the distance

Getting ready to head to Belize

They made it!

First night: Savannah Guest House

Who doesn't love a hammock?

Breakfast from the owner!

The owner's wife has MS so her husband make an off road wheel chair for her


feeding the crocodile

crocodile and turtle friend!

kitty pet!

Welcome to the Belize Zoo

Jungle hotel: Parrot Nest Tree houses!


she loves all animals

feeding the iguana

always climbing something!

jungle rain


check out Trevi levitating!

car ferry

riding on the ferry

Turkeys and peacocks


fun in town!

checking out daddy's bug bites

The ferry to the island

sand and this girl is a good mix!

She got special treatment at this cute place: X' Tan Ha resort

loving the pool

morning walks

They found a coconut...

cut it open...

and drank the water!

my girl turns 6!!!!!!

Daddy took her on a special birthday snorkel boat trip

too cool!

She found Boomer in Belize!

and so many shells!

Birthday milkshake

and dinner out!

kids taking the ferry to school in the morning

headed into town

Brett said this was the best french toast ever!

shopping for travel presents!

finding treasures!

more pool fun

and a water trampoline!

she insisted the balloon came home and it made it!

boarding the little plane to start the journey home!

so gorgeous!!!!

the balloon is still hanging on!

Boarding from Belize to Houston

Houston to Las Vegas

Just a tiny bit tired... but they made it home safe and sound after and awesome week!!!