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Friday, May 4, 2018

Random Updates!

Um... you're not allowed in our pool

bowling birthday party

they seriously loved bowling so much!

I think Harvey is hoping to help blow out the candles 

much easier than going ALL the way to the bathroom

sunrise run!

they made their own fruit stand an actually made some money!

their sign!!!!

he looks comfortable hahaha

my handy man husband built my barn doors

walking home from school and so excited!

my little helper at MOPS set up

dinner with my main man!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter fun!

Easter week and weekend were a blast! The kids participated in 5 egg hunts, lots of parties and hung out with lots of friends! Here's a recap of what we've been up to lately!

pool time with neighbors!

Hunt at Harvey's Preschool

helping him!

All his school buddies

my girl got a big girl hair cut at the salon

she should the dryer was hilarious!

We also went to Seaquest and she got to hold this bird!

Easter egg hunt at the park by our house!

I finally cashed in my Christmas present and went to see Brooks and Dunn and Reba!!!!!!!
It was awesome, amazing and soon cool!

Our little 3.5 year old can ride a big boy bike!

In preparation for Easter we got Trevi her first bible!

always reading!

this guy was very interested!

I need one of these as a pet asap

Easter morning baskets!

attempting some yard work!

salad in Gramps' famous bowl

We dyed eggs!

concentrating so hard


this project is always WAY messier than I imagine 

I'm obsessed with fresh flowers these days!

Trevi has been writing a ton and this is a song for me.
"even when i'm bad to her..."  :(

Easter Sunday 

Ready to serve at church!

My little monkey man

Hanging with some buddies!

Brett has a new girlfriend!! 
We officially own a truck now and it's super fun!!!
He only had to go to Salt Lake to get it.

Brett's song... wonder who the fun one is in the family!

Harvey is happy about the new truck!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Coffeefest Baltimore and New School!

I brought a couple of the kids animals with me to take pictures for them!

riding the train from the airport to the convention center! 
I love a town with public transportation

nice to see the water again!

PNC! I felt like I was back in Pittsburgh

We went to the aquarium and it was amazing!

pig-nosed turtle

bat fish

these sting rays were huge

and so was the turtle!!!


always love to find Nemo

the turtle was missing a fin due to an injury so the zoo saved her

Fort McHenry, where the star spangled banner was inspired from the war of 1812.

Trevi started at the neighborhood school and we ride our bikes to and from!!!

my biker crew

his travel present "a snap bracelet sloth" goes everywhere with him!

blueberry scones for my ladies at BSF

my monkeys!