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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

we moved Trevi into a new room and she got to help paint it purple!

This little girl is obsessed with chapter books... and cereal!

this cutie joined me on an evening run/bike!

Hanging with my family on Mother's Day at Lake Mead

she takes card making very seriously

new jammies and pool toys from Auntie Ann!

warming up 

G and Pa came to visit!

it was books galore all weekend!

hanging out with Pa!

Brett and I got a date night! We headed up to the top of the Stratosphere

we took the kids to The Rainforest Cafe... Harvey was terrified the whole time.

This little 5.5 year old lost her first tooth!

Taking to Trevi to school!

All ready to show G and Pa school

She graduates on Friday! Off to Kindergarten next!

some seriously reading with Pa!

Checking out a new park!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Food Festival and randoms

Every day on duckie!

she sneaks into our room on the weekends and snuggles with dad! 
They are practically the same human!

nakie tool time

"Look mommy!"

Brett took Trevi to the Las Vegas Foodie Fest and they had an awesome time! Anything that involves time with dad and a corn dog is a win in her world!

She loved all the rides

especially the ferris wheel!

she did a fishing game and she won!

riding with dad!

teaching her buddy Olive how to paddle board

Vegas sunsets!

best friends

yes, Brett is actually sleeping while the kids use him as lounging tool