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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

family bike ride and walk!

she loves that daddy locks her bike up with his!

not a bad forecast!

new bucket hats

finally learned to hold his own bottle!

My children drink water like camels... maybe we're causing the drought in CA

New dress from grandma Heacox!


He has officially stood on his own!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Food, Zoo, Swinging and More!

The kids have been so fun lately and I've been intentional to stop and enjoy each individual moment!

Harv is so into finger food!

he's starting to cruise around the furniture!

If you can believe it Trevi is getting even better on her swing!

Drinking the best part: the cereal milk!

Harvey, do you like grapefruit!?!

a little sour maybe?!

The flowers are finally starting to bloom!

Brett finished his last final so we met up with his classmates! The kids were a bit of a hit!

With enough concentration...

Trevi can color in the lines!

Big boy clothes!

Another zoo trip! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Heacox!

She loves the jelly fish

First time seeing the octopus! This was incredible!

Hanging out on the sea lions with Austin!

And the classic turtle picture!


The petting farm was open too!

Sunday, April 19, 2015


We've been on lots of fun adventures lately!

We went down to the Strip District (kind of like a Pike's Place).
The girls got breadsticks!

Harvey ate the whole time!

The mom's got tacos!

These two are buddies

Still a favorite part of the day!

watching the tub fill up!

sweet boy!

we got on lots of adventures as a 3-some!

Daddy daughter bike ride!

Enjoying the sun

and the deck!

Think he'll hold it against me that I put him in a pink hat?!
Don't worry, a boy one is coming in the mail!

We went and met daddy on campus for a picnic!

daddy wrestling time!

flying Harvey!

Think we look anything alike?!?!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sun and Bdays!

A week of SUNSHINE and my 31st birthday!!!
Anybody who knows us knows that we enjoyed the week of sunshine to the fullest!

Harvey has figured out that faces are interesting

Brett has experienced Harvey's drool up close and personal

Park play while mommy is at her birthday massage!

trying out a new pack

first real signs of spring here in Pittsburgh!

He seems to enjoy it!

Mom, are my feet dirty?

poor guy is allergic to eggs. thankfully it's just a topical rash anywhere he touches

Thankfully we don't really like eggs that much anyways

check out those piggy tails!

darling sweet girl

on the move...

my little monkey!

he is standing on everything

and starting to climb

still loves the faces!

birthday walk for mom

me and my girl!

a little ice cream treat!

smelling the flowers! I l love that Trevi asks us to enjoy the small thing in life!

we found some grass in this CITY!

Harv was a fan!

blowing bubble aka: spitting 

finding crackers of the zoo animals we see! 
Thanks G and Pa for the zoo snacks

always wants to see every detail of the animals; I love that about her!

Playing with Jules

I can't help but enjoy the house in Shadyside while I fun! It makes the time pass