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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Food, Zoo, Swinging and More!

The kids have been so fun lately and I've been intentional to stop and enjoy each individual moment!

Harv is so into finger food!

he's starting to cruise around the furniture!

If you can believe it Trevi is getting even better on her swing!

Drinking the best part: the cereal milk!

Harvey, do you like grapefruit!?!

a little sour maybe?!

The flowers are finally starting to bloom!

Brett finished his last final so we met up with his classmates! The kids were a bit of a hit!

With enough concentration...

Trevi can color in the lines!

Big boy clothes!

Another zoo trip! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Heacox!

She loves the jelly fish

First time seeing the octopus! This was incredible!

Hanging out on the sea lions with Austin!

And the classic turtle picture!


The petting farm was open too!

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