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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November fun!

A bunch of photos from our latest adventures!

Deceiving because he is pretty pitiful at tummy time. 

Going out for a walk in the snow!

Atlas or stories... she always chooses the atlas.

Doing some play time together

Working on the side to side turning!

She actually seems to like playing with him!

Happy boy!

Playing with babies!

Harvey loves to watch her!

Not a huge fan of the bumbo

Riding the bus to Light Up Night 2014

Waiting for the big tree to be lit up

All bundled up!

Making daddy laugh somehow!

Harvey's first bus ride!

Getting ready for the holiday season!

She loves helping me cook!

Cute outfit! Thanks Violet and Auntie Amy!

Snuggles on the couch

Finding his feet!

Love our neighborhood walks!

Christmas trees are out at the stores!

Can't visit the grocery store without seeing the lobsters

A rare breakfast with daddy!

Church really cuts into this little guys nap schedule.

Entertainment overload

Ready for the game


Rooting on the Hawks!

Drooling has begun

Snacks and lunch stuff for Daddy!!!

We went on a bus adventure to the library!! It was a very successful trip!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Our first snow and more!

Here are some photos from the past week!!!!

the Dr. appt! 
Harv (4 months) weighs in at 15 lb 4 oz (46%)
Trevi (3 years) weighs in at 28 lb 8 oz. (23%)

Enjoying her puzzle from the Sepulveda's (and puppy Finn)

Grandma and Grandpa Heacox sent her a puzzle along with her zoo pass! 
It's 10 feet long and all animals!!!

I spy a walrus (Trevi wanted him to see the snow too!)

First snow! We had to go out for a walk!

Puppy wanted to go too!

Blurry of course but proof of the snow on the leaves!

Look how official he looks!!! That would be a cute last face to see before you go under!

Found him like this... think he's overworked...?

Harvey has got some mad pee skills!

Enjoying her barn from G and Pa!

New pjs from Auntie Ann and a horsey from Great Aunt Norrine!

Look how cute Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital is!!!

More clothes from Auntie Ann! A penguin shirt!

And another new outfit with deers!
 Ann got the memo about animal prints for our animal obsessed girl!

game day! Love the big boy shirt!

These two crack me up!

I swear he may chew his tongue off

Donuts before church!

Auntie Norrine sent Trevi a gift with a card that had a crown! Brilliant! 

Building towers while Harvey gets ready for bed!

Not too impressed with the bumbo. Check out those arched brows.