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Sunday, October 8, 2017

normalcy in the weirdness...

It's been a really weird week here in Henderson so in the midst of it all we have done something fun to offset the weirdness.

Las Vegas Foodie Fest:
we went for the rides and the games!

My little dare devils!

Harvey insisted Trevi ride with him! These two have such a tumultuous relationship that this little showing if friendship was so sweet to me!

wandering around aimlessly 

Taking Boomer to the vet

A blueberry honey stick for my little buddy at the farmers market

Hi Boomer

have him wash dishes or just trying to keep him entertained?!

dad's dinner choice: corndogs

little hawk!

we got on walk most days around the same loop. The day before Trevi was with us and she put this rock up on the ledge. Harvey was so excited to take a picture of it the next day!

kindergarten t-ball games are so stinkin cute yet so painful

Anywhere you drive around her you can see the Mandalay Bay... it's very weird
Taking Brett to the airport the other day and we notice you can see the smashed out windows from quite far away

There are signs everywhere in our town supporting the victims, first responders and others


scooter walk

just climbing trees at the park!

found him sleeping like this

Fall moscow mule: vodka, ginger beer and pumpkin apple cider

We also check out a local farm. It was Saturday i.e. super busy... it was very dusty and hot... we got our pumpkins and some veggies... we had the cider donuts!!!... and it was quite the experience

apple picking

Harvey has given up

little farm kids

Trevi loves her pumpkins
Harvey loves the rocks

Couldn't find Boomer anywhere... He found a nice cozy spot in all my couch cushions

we got a bit of sickness going on over here so it was lots of movies for us on Sunday

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lake Tahoe and Boomer continued!

Desert sunrises are gorgeous!

Boomer came to school pick up

doing some leash practice a the park


packing for the road trip to Lake Tahoe

um... it's just a little cold here

Wedding place card

It was a gorgeous but very cold outside wedding!

Hello Lake Tahoe

Friday morning hike to Eagle Lake

The kids did awesome and thought the snow was so awesome!

I spy Eagle Lake

Turn around and you see Lake Tahoe

Back down to the warmer lake side and the beach

It's gorgeous

He kept just laying down in the sand...

Totem pole owl friend

driving home through the Nevada farm land

Mount Grant

and Walker Lake

Dollar store balloon animals on the ride home

helping me do dishes

Hi kids!