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Friday, February 20, 2015


It's been a rough couple weeks here in Pittsburgh mainly because it hasn't been above 20 degrees here. It's been very tough with the kiddos because it is too cold to go outside with them. We've been trying to stay active and entertained inside. Considering today is -3 degrees we are enjoying the sunshine but not the cold. Here's what we've been up to lately:

playing with his new toy from G and Pa!

still working on crawling! It's been a slow process

New jammies from G and Pa


this little guy loves his food!

I seriously love this girl with a ponytail!


This little 3 year old is a serious puzzle nut! 

and she's really good at them!

new outfit from G and Pa! Perfect dress for Spring (whenever it decides to show up!)

This is the latest position. Not sure what he thinks he'll find!

This is how it looked on the one walk we've been on lately.

think it's cold....

snacks in the tub!

we did manage to make it to the National Aviary with Jules. The warm tropical rooms felt great!


flamingo friends!

sitting dude!

coloring and cutting crafting!

a bear as big as him!

laughing at his sister!

Think he likes her?!?!

My little 7.5 month old!

learning to feed himself

and he's good at it! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Look who came to visit!!!

Brett's parents made the big trip to Pittsburgh and we are so thankful! They were helpful, loving, generous, caring and we loved having them here! The kids were so lucky to spend some time with an amazing set of grandparents! They got to read, play, ride bikes, go for walks, share meals, give baths and bottles and just plain spend day to day life with us!

Thank you G and Pa for coming to visit!!!!! We will miss you terribly. 

I had to drop a few photos of Daddy's birthday 31st birthday back on January 26th!

 Look who also turned 7 months old while G and Pa where here!!