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Saturday, March 31, 2012

 Trevi Update!

 As of now we have 2 bottom teeth but getting a picture is nearly impossible!! This was totally by chance!

 Cool new iPhone app (instagram) some girlfriends told me about! You can make photos super cute!

 I feel like she is getting so big!

 Besties hanging out at Saturday morning coffee!

 We go on an evening walk whenever it is not raining!!!  This is how tonight's ended up!!!
Sweet girl! Doesn't she look peaceful despite the hat being over her eye!

 Levitating Baby!

Kind of a longer video but it shows a lot of what she is doing right now! It is worth it to watch the whole minute because the finale is definitely at the end!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

 Our Baby was 20 Weeks Old on Monday!!!

 loving some avocado!

 it's a messy job!

 holding her own bottle!

 and again! This is becoming a regular occurrence! Even if it is only for 10 seconds each time! :)

 we have a non-swaddled sleeper!

for once the rain is beautiful

Matt holding up the rainbow!

Monday, March 26, 2012

 Our Baby is 20 Weeks Old!

The last time Trevi was 20 weeks old she was in my belly and we were at the Dr.'s office finding out all her measurements!  We did not find out she was a girl and I am so happy we waited until her arrival to hear that we had a daughter!  Such a fun surprise!!!!

 G is such a good sport! Having coffee with the cousins!

 attacking cousin Gavin!

 T and G!

 Pete "relaxing" on my lap

 morning jog

 Daddy took this picture on our beach

 if you look really closely you can see her tooth!

 in her jumparoo

 just figuring it out but she seems happy about it

 tummy time

 playing with daddy

 cousins in the bath! Mabel and Trevi

sweet cousin Mabel

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Teething and Play Date

 That is some serious teething!

 Sleepy girl

Jake and Trevi Play Date
Nicole and her super cute little guy, Jake, came over for a play date today! We got some super fun pictures of them!  They seemed to enjoy each others company! Possible future best buddies!

 holding hands
 both looking a little unsure of this blooming friendship!
 dear friends

 getting a little fresh there Jake!! :)
 about to pull her ear
I think she thinks Jake's arm is a teething toy

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trevi's First Tooth!!!!

While giving the babe a bath tonight I noticed she has her first tooth!! Such a big girl!!!  Sorry there are not any pictures to follow of her tooth yet.  That would be a seriously hard picture to get.  

However, here are a few fun ones that I have taken on my phone lately!!

Our evening ride in the stroller!  I love the fresh air! Trevi loves looking at everything and it distracts her from being too tired too early and Pete loves the walk and seeing the other dogs in the neighborhood!

 One of Brett's friend's from CA sent us this homemade beanie! Sooooo cute!

 When your baby figures out how to get out of the inescapable miracle blanket the mom decides she needs an additional swaddle blanket!!

 Our lil Peanut!!!!

Spring is springing in our neighborhood!

Solid Foods and Fun Family Times!

Trevi has figured out that she can grab stuff and hold on! She has recently found a few favorite places to grab onto daddy!  She loves to grab his lips and stick her fingers in his mouth.  She also loves to grab ears, necks and anything else near by!  I am so glad I don't have long hair at this stage! 

 grabbing daddy's lips

I believe this move is called a fish-hook and it is the only move not allowed in  ultimate fighting 
(at least according to Friends!)

That's an ear!!!  Check out daddy's face... looks like it feels really good!!!

 We do lots of sitting in front of the fire

 She will stare at it for minutes without moving (that's a long time!) 
Enough time to get a family shot

Peanut has also started eating solid foods and so far she loves them!  She seems to get bored after a little while but she loves to grab for the spoon, pull the food out of her mouth with her hands only to shove it right back in and she is even learning to open her mouth when the food gets close!!  The airplane method seems to work well for her because she listens to the sound and then gets intrigued and opens her mouth just like any other time she is intrigued or interested in something!

 munching on a banana

 These little net things my sister gave us are pretty cool for any softer food.  She ate A LOT of banana!

 Sweet potatoes!