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Monday, March 5, 2012

 17 Week Old Baby Trevi!!!

 OK, Pa gets the first shout out on this post!  Happpppppyyyyy Birthday!

 Sooooo, excited about those hands!

 helping Grandma at the office!  We're scheduling patients! (and always accepting new ones!  I may even greet you at the door!!)

 hmmmm, apparently she can get out of the inescapable miracle blanket.... This is how I found her a couple mornings ago
Look at me sitting unassisted!

 Not for long!

 I had some girlfriends over for Ladies Night at my house!  It was so much fun to hang out with some new people and share some laughs with them!  I had a blast cooking and baking for the party and was told everything turned out pretty good! I stole a few ideas from my favorite restaurants and pinterest but I can assure you I made everything myself! (Brett may have helped a little!!)

Here's what was on the menu:
*pizza with pesto and red sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto and topped with an arugula salad
*spicy pesto hummus with pretzel chips
*crostini with goat cheese and candied jalapenos
*banana bread
*lemon coconut cupcakes with coconut frosting
*cupcakes with lemony frosting (courtesy of Caroline)
 The spread for Ladies Night!

Brett's cousin Steve and his wife, Val and their baby girl Brielle came over for dinner!  Bri is just 5 weeks older than Trevi so it was fun to see all the differences between them!  It is exciting to see what she could be doing in 5 short weeks!
 Hi, cousin Brielle

 Let me touch your face, child!

Brielle, lending some support to her friend!


 Butter cup!

Brielle spending some time with her birdie friend (or whatever that things is!)

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