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Monday, March 26, 2012

 Our Baby is 20 Weeks Old!

The last time Trevi was 20 weeks old she was in my belly and we were at the Dr.'s office finding out all her measurements!  We did not find out she was a girl and I am so happy we waited until her arrival to hear that we had a daughter!  Such a fun surprise!!!!

 G is such a good sport! Having coffee with the cousins!

 attacking cousin Gavin!

 T and G!

 Pete "relaxing" on my lap

 morning jog

 Daddy took this picture on our beach

 if you look really closely you can see her tooth!

 in her jumparoo

 just figuring it out but she seems happy about it

 tummy time

 playing with daddy

 cousins in the bath! Mabel and Trevi

sweet cousin Mabel

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