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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

4 months old!!!!
March 7, 2012-- my baby girl is 4 months old today!!!! (Happy Birthday Memphis!)  Trevi loves standing, laughing, smiling, going for walks and lounging around in her jammies!


 My new favorite beanie!

 tummy girl

 check out those legs!!!

 trying to crawl or just tired of tummy time?!?!

 4 month photo shoot!

 thanks for the onesies cousin Rachel

 daddy saying good morning and happy birthday on his way home from work!

 distracting her with something so she will look up instead of trying to eat her hands or feet!

 see.... :)  bunny feet are a bad idea at this age..... hahaha

 hanging with my girl!

 turtle shell


 her new buddy

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