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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eager to Eat!!!
 OK, I am not really sure why I am soooo excited about this stage in Trevi's life but I cannot wait to feed her some solid food!  It may be because I love to cook so I feel like I get to try some new "recipes" or it may be because I am super excited to feed her some delicious, wholesome, real food as her first foods!  Either way I am super excited to start and I am praying the doctor gives us the ok at her 4 month appointment tomorrow!  I will be honest though, I did give her a little avocado the other day! (Don't rat me out for doing it early!) So, in preparation for tomorrow I have made a little meal for her!  It is in the fridge all ready for her!!!  Plus, I got to use my super duper cool baby food processor!!!!  It made cooking a sweet potato effortless!!!  All you do is peel, chop, throw in the food processor, it steams it for you and then purees it for you in 25 minutes!! So cool!  

 Making sure I do it right the FIRST time!! (as Brett would say, "You don't pay a ton of attention to details" and I don't want to break this thing so I am reading directions before and during use!!!

 Sweet potatoes



Seriously doing all the work for me!

Brett and I both tried it and it was super yummy!  Hope Trevi agrees!

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Kisma said...

YUMMY- sweet potatoes!!!
Have fun with food!