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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Solid Foods and Fun Family Times!

Trevi has figured out that she can grab stuff and hold on! She has recently found a few favorite places to grab onto daddy!  She loves to grab his lips and stick her fingers in his mouth.  She also loves to grab ears, necks and anything else near by!  I am so glad I don't have long hair at this stage! 

 grabbing daddy's lips

I believe this move is called a fish-hook and it is the only move not allowed in  ultimate fighting 
(at least according to Friends!)

That's an ear!!!  Check out daddy's face... looks like it feels really good!!!

 We do lots of sitting in front of the fire

 She will stare at it for minutes without moving (that's a long time!) 
Enough time to get a family shot

Peanut has also started eating solid foods and so far she loves them!  She seems to get bored after a little while but she loves to grab for the spoon, pull the food out of her mouth with her hands only to shove it right back in and she is even learning to open her mouth when the food gets close!!  The airplane method seems to work well for her because she listens to the sound and then gets intrigued and opens her mouth just like any other time she is intrigued or interested in something!

 munching on a banana

 These little net things my sister gave us are pretty cool for any softer food.  She ate A LOT of banana!

 Sweet potatoes!

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