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Monday, March 12, 2012

18 WEEKS!!!!
Trevi has been very busy this past week!  She went to Sammamish to visit her buddy Rowan ( I know his mom, Rachel,  from college and she is a great friend of mine.  While I don't see her as much as I would like it was fun to catch up finally!)  She went to her first wedding in Snohomish!  She is sleeping really great (pray it lasts)! She went to her first mom's group at church plus bible study with the ladies! (She was an angel and slept through both)  She had her 4 month Dr. appt and got her second round of shots (I did not cry this time but she sure did), she rode on a bike for the first time and she ate her first bit of people food!
 Visiting with Rowan!

 just up from a nap

 dad giving her some sweet potatoes


 um, not too sure about this...

 riding in the ergo with dad

 riding bikes with dad (in the living room)

 Pete was close by making sure she didn't fall!

 reading some mail with dad

 ahhhh, loves

 checking out the rain!

classic dad face! (you can bet she is making the same face!) 

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Unknown said...

aww we're so glad you guys came over to visit. It was SO fun seeing little Trevi's beautiful face and fun personality up close, as well as catching up with you!! love you guys!!