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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


A birthday invitation, cheap airline tickets, friends across the country and kids who travel well was the perfect combination to head to Pittsburgh last weekend to surprise Meg and Jules!  We received a birthday invitation for her daughter's 5th birthday party and well, we wanted to go too. I found direct roundtrip tickets to Pittsburgh from Vegas for $79 so we hopped on a plane and showed up! The looks on their faces was priceless and so much fun to experience!

Trevi got Jules a solar dancing cat just like hers for her birthday!

Playing at the airport before we leave!

All ready to go!

We arrived to these decorations!!

This is the ultimate Moana birthday party!

Every detail of thought of and so cute!

The 4 kids played non stop and so well!
Digging in the dirt is the best!

Little Hawaiian girls!

Happy to back with my buddy!

Enjoying new birthday presents with friends!

hours of fun!

Moana movie night!

We got a nice Monday morning with all the kids!

Kids always love books!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Nashville and Daddy's Weekend

Sorry about the lack of order of these photos.

Erica and I tackled another coffee fest this past weekend and it was in Nashville! I'm in love with Nashville. It was country music everywhere, delicious coffee at the Frothy Monkey, amazing food and such awesome sister-in-law time! Below are some of our highlights!

Breakfast at Biscuit Love!!!! 

Not the most pretty dish but when biscuits and gravy meets eggs benedict I'm sold!

donuts for breakfast... sure!! They called these bonuts (biscuit meets donuts!)

We somehow landed ourselves in a Gary Allen concert! It was small, we were about 10 feet from him and he is amazing live!

Fountains everywhere!

Trevi's asked her teacher to braid her hair... um, seriously! She is amazing!

I'll never be able to recreate this....

She kept it in for about 4 days!

We love the parks in Henderson

Honkey Tonk Central! 
Every bar is cooler than the next!

Wildhorse Saloon!
It's amazing that every bar and restaurant has live music and they are actually awesome!

My travel gift! Best cappuccino outside of Italy!

We also went to the Grand Ole Opery! 
I think this might be my most favorite thing ever!

Dad took the kids camping while I was gone and they had so much fun!

Oh course Trevi climbed a really big rock.

They also did lots of water shooting!
Thanks Auntie Mich!

Their camp site!

Even though it doesn't rain here the flowers and trees are in full bloom here!

Left and these plants were brown and twigy... came home and they were green!

They look so big on the swings these days!

I'll never tire of the sunrises here!

An awesome performer from the Grand Ole Opery! Go listen!
Also loved Holly Williams "The Highway"

Harvey and I had to head down to the Palazzo for a quick stop and he loved all the decorations!

Looking cute and innocent until I turned around and he was standing in the pool collecting money....

He's obsessed with waterfalls!

First raindrops I've seen since we've been here! Sorry to everyone at home.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Lake Las Vegas!

Since we've moved a few times we've learned a few things along the way. 1. I love every place I go a little better than the last!. 2. Our kids feel the most comfortable in a house with their own stuff. 3. We love to explore new places once we arrive. We call this being tourists in our own town and it has been so fun and exciting so we keep on doing it!

We decided to take the kids to Lake Las Vegas this past weekend! We went on Saturday afternoon after naps and along with beautiful views and new things to explore there was a Mardi Gras festival going on! It was alive and happening with booths, live music and lots of kids activities. Although we made the ultimate parent fail by not bringing any cash so the kids couldn't do any of the activities thankfully they did not seem to care one bit and after explaining it to them they were happy to feed the ducks and watch instead!

 Yes, we live in the desert but we have a 360 degree view of mountains and it's gorgeous!

We saw a turtle crossing the road.. literally crossing the road. I think I would have died if we ran him over. Not sure what he would have done once he got to the curb so Brett decided to help him. 

But not before he showed the kids!

Cute little dude!

safely in the grass

Lake Las Vegas is very pretty. The actual lake is pretty gross but the hotels on it and the roads are gorgeous with big palm trees and fountains!

They call Lake Las Vegas, "A little slice of Tuscany" and it's totally accurate thanks to the buildings and the bridge!

Harvey exploring!

Fun decorations at the festival.

Any fountain or water fall and these kids are obsessed

Replica of the Ponte Vecchio Bridge

Actual picture of the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence, Italy

Hanging with the kiddos!

Feeding the ducks


Such a fun outing to explore more of Henderson! So far we are loving the weather, the adventure, meeting new people and exploring a new place!