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Thursday, March 2, 2017

New Firsts

Lots of Firsts!

We've made it to Henderson and so far I think we are all very happy about it! We wake up to sunny skies everyday, it's getting warmer each day (68 degrees today), we explored a little, Brett started work and Trevi started preschool!

~First day of full day preschool~

I thought it as only right to celebrate her first day with an after school treat!

Her school is awesome about communication during the day with an app called Tadpole Parents so I got to see what she was up to!
They celebrated Dr Seuss' birthday and there were plenty of activities during the day!

She got to be the helper too which made her feel very special.

~First park in Henderson~
we've been frequenting the Arroyo Grande park almost every afternoon!

They love the slides!

~First road trip~
Gig Harbor-San Francisco-Henderson

this is how we all tended to feel after a long day in the car

kissing sea lions

We've made it to the desert

A train yard named after our little man. It could not have been more perfect!

~First real house in a long time~
weird stuff happens when we move... hahah

taking advantage of our new king size bed!

my boys. no comment needed!

~First day of work~

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