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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Brett has been spending all week and weekend working to be a certified kiteboarding instructor!! He started on Wednesday morning and has been driving to Seattle in the morning and Everett's Jetti Island in the afternoon. He seems even more knowledgeable about kiteboarding than he was before, if that is even possible. It sounds like they are getting a really great experience and learning exactly what to do to get a new person kiteboarding. Thankfully they needed some volunteers to practice their training on so enter, ME! I get to learn on Sunday how to kiteboard from my husband and six other instructors! I am really excited to learn and attempt this crazy sport my husband is virtually obsessed with.
Life for Brett and I is getting more and more exciting with each week. We have six weddings to attend this summer, amazing plans to look forward to this August, two new nieces or nephews expected in the fall, and a beautiful summer at our fingertips! Life is wonderful.

I sent in my passport to get updated so one more piece of information will confirm that I go by the name Teodoro now and we are getting ready to send in our visas for Australia as soon as my passport comes back. As of now our plans are to head to Brisbane for a year but honestly we throw new ideas around daily. Should we go to Perth instead because of its reputation? Should we go to Brisbane like our original plan? Should we apply for one of the exotic kiteboarding jobs on the kiteforum instead? Who knows, who cares, as long as we go and do something!

Brett and I had an awesome date last Sunday together! We went to church than rushed home, packed the car and jetted to catch the 1230 ferry from Bremerton to Seattle! We parked at the ferry, rode our bikes onto the ferry and cruised around Seattle's water front for the afternoon. We rode up and down the waterfront people watching. We ate and ate and ate at the market at Pike Place. We toured a small italian bakery/shop/pizza joint/deli. We gained literally pounds from all the cheese sampling at the Seattle Cheese Festival. We rode our bikes up and down Elliott bay park and waterfront. We loved on a great dane named Gretta! Brett had never seen a dane in person and thankfully when he did he loved them. This is a good thing because all I have ever wanted is a great dane. We missed our first ferry home so instead we caught a happy hour, ran into and girl from Central who served us and ate and drank until the next ferry came at 530! It was an amazing afternoon and we had sooo much fun! Best date to do on a sunny afternoon and pretty darn cheap! Unfortunately you have to pay $7 for each bike going home but it was well worth it for the amazing ferry ride and views.

School and work are as usual. I am officially an City U MIT graduate and I plan to start subbing as soon as possible. Brett is still, of course, getting A's in both of his classes. He signed up for four more this summer and I am sure he will do equally if not even better in those. Being employed by the Market and Forza are still great and we are just counting down the days until we leave. My plan is August 30th so approximately 95 days!!!!'

Love and peace to all!