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Monday, May 28, 2012

 Almost 7 months old!!!

 post bath baby!

 checking out the next box of clothes from Auntie Amy and Cousin Violet!

in love with the new leggings!

summer ware!!!

 morning coffee with momma!

 loving the cinnamon on top of my latte!

 happy girl!

just doin' some porch sittin'!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

 Here's what we have been up to lately!!!!

 This is how Trevi looks every morning during our run! We can't wait for warmer weather!

 trying so hard to get the bean in her pinches!

 typical for the high chair!

 Trevi and Pa!

 Some of the entertainment toys we have for her she is growing out of!

 Happiest girl!

 she will do anything for the strings on a sweatshirt!

 I am finding her in all sorts of strange places!

 future dentist!

 nakie girl!

Daddy daughter bath time!

Visiting with Gramps in Bellevue! Thanks for lunch!

Starting her early!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I keep thinking I want my little girl to start crawling because it is so cute and she works so hard at it but then I stop and think about it rationally and realize that I probably don't want her to start quite yet.  She will soon be on the move, unable to be left just sitting in one place and getting into everything.  So, let's delay the crawling a little!! :)

On another note, here are some photos of Trevi lately!

 Trevi loves helping dad in the yard especially when it means she gets to ride in the backpack!

 OK, she totally did this on her own.  Dad's rides must be a little crazy!

 Happy girl!

 I leave her by her toys and come back and she is no where near them!

 practicing her crawl!

 Still holding on

 she was literally holding on for 30 minutes! Safety first!

Loves to sit!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

 Trevi's Life!

 She spends lot of time in this backpack working in the yard and walking in the neighborhood!
Given to us brand new by our awesome neighbors!

 First boat ride!! She loved it!

 Hanging with grandma and grandpa!

 trying on mom's jewelry!
 eating lunch on the porch!

 Pete and Trevi enjoying some morning sunshine!

 haha, resting her chin on the ledge! She is tired from cleaning the office!

 Boating baby!

 her and daddy!

 checking out the bay with Violet and Uncle Zach!

 She is not scared of anything! Even really cold water!

 She loves to fly!

 getting up close and personal!

 enjoying the dock at our house!!
 All smiles with G!

the neighbor girls brought Trevi a bunch of stuffed animals! SO sweet!