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Friday, May 4, 2012

 Only a few days away from 6 months old!!!
I cannot believe my girl is almost half way through her first year... it is going so fast.

 A headband I made! Not exactly crafty but I sure try!

 before we left for Maui...

So excited to see Daddy again!


 always wondering what Pete is doing

Trevi lounging with her daddy!

 Watching Pete.... again!!

 tower of blocks!

 sea of toys!


 our little red head

 such a sweet girl

 hmmm, what's in that box... never mind I'll just eat the string on the side!

She is so obsessed with her pup!

This shows her excitement, love and fascination with Pete!  He makes her laugh so hard!


Holy Craft said...

That laugh is so adorable!

Kisma said...

What a cutie!!!!! Love babies laughs! Thanks for sharing this!