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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We arrived home and it is.... COLD!
Can I just mention again how much I hate this weather.... 

 Cheap entertainment

 Official Ma'alaea Surf resident!

 baby in a bowl!

 Happy girl in her high chair

 She was obsessed with the dishes! A cook perhaps!

 Cool cat

 practicing her sitting

 sorry it's the wrong way....

 I put her on the ground to get some stuff done and I come back and she has made it off the mat and no where near her toys.

Morning walk with her toy the cup!

 sun baby




 So happy about food!

 just using the leg of the coffee table as a chew toy

helping mom pack!

 Not sure about this hour delay at the airport!

 about to get on which means we get to see daddy! All smiles!

hmmm, I have to sit in your lap for five and half hours...

 She was laughing so loud at one point that someone stopped to see what was so funny!

We had a great trip and it is very bittersweet to be back! It is great seeing Brett and Trevi really missed her dad but we are sure ready to move somewhere warm soon!  Thanks for checking in on us!!

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