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Friday, May 11, 2012

So I just got some more information on little Jack.  He had surgery on Wednesday May 9th and it seems all went well!  He turned 5 on surgery day and as his family says, he got the best present ever.... his life! 

He are some pictures of little Jack and his uncle James post surgery!

Another update.  Jack had to go in for emergency surgery about an hour ago to relieve some pressure on his brain because the drain was not working properly!  Thankfully it seems that all went well and he is out of the OR and back into the ICU!  I sure wish Brett was there taking care of him!!  Little Jack would be laughing and smiling with Brett around.  However, from what I can read it seems like Jack has some great nurses and doctors. 

Jack's facebook page
Jack's website -- some information and a video of Jack

So, you may be asking what you can do.   As a messenger of information all I can ask for is prayers for Jack and his family!!  We all know we would want them if we were in their position.


Kisma said...

Please extend my thoughts and prayers to the family. I am so sorry to hear what they are going through and you are a sweetheart to reach out like this.

James and Katy said...

Thanks Kate. So nice of you to post this about our Jack. A heartfelt thank you is in order. Next time we see you, Katy, Isaac, Amelia and I will give you a big hug :)