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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The happenings in our lives!

Brett and Kate's Update:

Brett and Kate:

1. We just got back from Alaska (Volunteering at the Skwentna checkpoint)

2. We live in Gig Harbor at the BK Lounge on Wollochet Bay
3. We are both in a bible study on Tuesday nights

4. We plan to move to Australia in late August


1. Going back to school tomorrow (pre-reqs for nursing!)

2. Just got back from Vegas (Schussel's bachelor party)

3. Working at Harbor Greens

4. Kite boarding as much as WA will allow

5. Amazing husband
6. Groomsman in Schussel's wedding (April 17th)
7. Sister (Michelle) due September 19th


1. Finishing school on April 14th

2. 25th birthday on April 13th

3. Starting work at Forza (Monday 30th): Working for Scott and Chad once again!

4. Loves being a wife

5. Auntie to Lucas and now baby Wyatt Woodruff Bare

I will try and keep everyone updated on our lives considering you all say I never answer my phone or call you back. Now you find out what is going on!