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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lake Tahoe and Boomer continued!

Desert sunrises are gorgeous!

Boomer came to school pick up

doing some leash practice a the park


packing for the road trip to Lake Tahoe

um... it's just a little cold here

Wedding place card

It was a gorgeous but very cold outside wedding!

Hello Lake Tahoe

Friday morning hike to Eagle Lake

The kids did awesome and thought the snow was so awesome!

I spy Eagle Lake

Turn around and you see Lake Tahoe

Back down to the warmer lake side and the beach

It's gorgeous

He kept just laying down in the sand...

Totem pole owl friend

driving home through the Nevada farm land

Mount Grant

and Walker Lake

Dollar store balloon animals on the ride home

helping me do dishes

Hi kids!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Welcome home, Boomer!

Meet our new friend, Boomer!!

We went to Petsmart to "just look" at dogs for National Adoption weekend and well, of course, we came home with this little guy.

While Trevi looks less than stocked she's in love!

They love to snuggle. 

No idea what his mix is but I love his look. 

Brett attempting to train him. 

Finally fell asleep after a bit of yelping on his first night.

morning sunrise!

reading books to him!

hanging out while Trevi does some homework

He wants all the snacks


getting crumbs off the floor

first walk!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

First week of September!

rocking the old safety glasses!

Lots of fun with bows and ribbons for Trevi's uniform!

I have not words hahah

riding bikes at the lake!

Trevi helping Harvey get up the "hill"

love doing activities with these two

Game day

Coloring before the game starts!

more bows

Trevi's first t-ball game

up to bat!

it was a super hot day for a game... 104 degrees

game ready

good game, good game!

face paint at Chick Fil A

Wednesday morning sunrise

Love those first moments of the sun peeking through 

BSF started back up today!