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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We have a month left in Pittsburgh but here's an update of what we've been up to lately!

We took Trevi on a run and she was a champ!

she ran 2.6 miles and was ready for more!

going on a bus adventure!

having some one on one time with Harvey at Target!

He didn't feel great so we spent some time in the boy section!

we may throw seeds to attract the squirrels!

popsicles in the bath after a hot day!

lunch at her end of the year preschool park day!

playing with rice!

we got to go to an event called "The Royal Ball" and it was darling!

She got announced upon entering as Princess Trevi

with the King and Queen

making crafts

and attempting to golf :)

With Princess Aurora

meeting the unicorn "Boone"

waiting patiently for her turn to get her face painted

trying so hard not to smile and give away her excitement!

Trevi Butterfly

Whenever we go to the gym we check out the buses

playing with cars at the park

being silly and eating all of dad's breakfast!

With her teachers Ms. Linda and Mr. Derrick

She got some dress up hand me downs and is obsessed with them all!

A whole tinker bell outfit!

hanging with Dad

looking very closely for bugs!

on a nature hike in Highland Park with Adventure Outdoors!

checking out the fountain

the outcome of Harvey's fight with a brick wall and bush

The cape is his favorite right now!

"Super Harvey"

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

We got to pet some deer!

Life with these crazy Teodoro's is some seriously non-stop action and I love every minute of it...usually :)

Mother's Day with the Van Dykes!

This kid would do almost anything for a train!

riding the incline was a huge highlight with G and Pa visiting!

hanging out up on Mt. Washington

Cheering on the marathoners!

just riding to the park in the stroller haha

sometimes pants are just too hot so we turn them in to shorts!

snacks on the way to get Trevi!

this girl and her outfits!

double super airplanes

I love that he actually asks to hold my hand

We went to Kennywood for Trevi's half birthday!

She was a HUGE fan of the rides!

So was Harvey!

she shared!

school gardens

he loves his zebra!

He seriously could not get enough of the lasagna!

Lucy didn't starve while we were doggy sitting!

The pup is super sweet and so great with kids but I have not plans to add one to the mix anytime soon. It's so much extra work haha

Harvey and Maddie

Trevi got to go to a children's theatre for her last day of school!

she was luke warm about having to perform

Can you spy my two kiddos and their cupcakes at church?!

triple slide

love the deer yard at the zoo!