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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rainy Day Fun!!!

 curious girl

stroller walk

 just waking up!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recipe of the week!

I made homemade pasta yesterday to go with my homemade pesto and let me tell you the combo was yummy!! I made spinach green curry pesto and both spaghetti and linguine!!  It was a fun little task and tasted so good! I felt like I was back in Italy!!!  

Monday, February 27, 2012

 16 Weeks Old

This time last year I was about a week and a half pregnant!!  That is just crazy to think about because now we have this fun sweet little girl and I cannot imagine life without her!!  I had no idea what we were getting into and honestly, I didn't even know how I felt about the whole "motherhood" thing but I am happy to say I love it and I love her!!  I love that Trevi looks like her dad!  I love that she also looks like her cousins on both sides!  I swear I see a new person in her everyday!  I love that she is so curious!  I love that she laughs and smiles so much and I love love love that she is mine!!!
 I feel like she looks just like cousin Jordan in this picture! (Lucky girl)

 Blue Eyed Baby! I hope it stays this way!

 Typical furrowed brow plus some drool!

 Sweet girl

 Her newest move: feet and head in the air.  I call it the turtle shell!

 smiles and bubbles

She just started laughing!


 workin' those ab muscles!

Got her foot! Ok, I may have helped her get it but she held on to it!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

When my child cries first I want to cry and then I get the urge to eat..... we could have a serious problem on our hands......

Monday, February 20, 2012

 15 Weeks Old!
Poor Trevi has her first little stuffy nose but you wouldn't be able to tell from these pictures!  Her sleep is a little compromised and she is a little more irritated than usual but overall we still have a very happy girl!  Despite a tired mom...

 Bumbo Girl

 hanging with her daddy!

 Helping mom with laundry

 I love those eyes

 Just sitting on dad's knee! No hands needed!

Joining family dinners now! She may even be reaching for some of dad's salad!

 Table talk!


 Soothing with the soothie

Jumper!  Well, more just a hanger but she sure looks funny!

Happy girl

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

 The Teo's are back from Maui!!!

Brett and I got to head to Maui last week which was so much fun with Trevi!  Brett spent 5 days and I was lucky enough to spend 8 days! We walked the beach, played in the sun, and just plain enjoyed our time as a family!

 typical morning walk

 Hibiscus baby

 Trevi loved loved loved the pool!

 Happy baby in her new Hawaiian hat

 Daddy daughter tummy time in the sun

 we spent a lot of time under the umbrella!

 Mom got to spend some time under the umbrella with our babe

morning tummy time

 daddy and Trevi

 we went for a family walk in Wailea!

 wearing daddy's shades

 enjoying our walk

 Happy Hawaiian girl

 playing with Daddy

 nakkie baby in Maui

So, I flew home on Monday by myself and it was a bit of a challenge but we made it!!!!  We flew from Maui to San Diego, which is a 5.5 hour flight, and then spent the night in the SD airport before flying out at 6am for Seattle, which is another 3 hour flight! Needless to say it was a long couple days but Trevi was seriously amazing!! She slept so well, she flew like an angel and seemed unfazed by all the flying and sleeping in an airport!  I kept thinking to myself that she is getting conditioned to the traveling ways of her parents early!  This will definitely not be her first time sleeping in an airport!

 Sleeping on the plane!

 So, we slept in the 24 hour Starbucks in San Diego!  Me on a bench and Trevi in the BOB stroller.  She slept for 6 hours!

Snoozing in the BOB

We're landing in Seattle and so excited about it!  Trevi is in her Valentine jammies ready to see Daddy!