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Friday, February 26, 2016

Leap Month

A seriously huge cactus!

playing outside!

hanging with my boy!

out on a sunny walk!

coloring outside on the deck finally!

we even got to have lunch on the deck!

enjoying some park time!

Chowing the bacon!

playing with trucks!

flowers are coming up!! Life after the 'death' of winter!

my ikea shopping partner!


he's always on the table....

wondering if Trevi would be cute in bangs... allow her to cut her own hair to find out

this side she really cut... stinker

snowing again..... ok, Pittsburgh, lets start spring.

killing time before Trevi's school conference!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Is it spring yet?

My kids and I have some serious cabin fever thanks to the gray cold winter here in Pittsburgh. Thankfully today was warmer and tomorrow (Saturday) is predicted to be record breaking!!!I am almost embarrassed how giddy I am!

Checking out the piano at church!

Trevi is constantly taking care of her buddies and I find them all over the house!

so sleepy penguin!

We got to celebrate Daddy's 32 birthday!

It was madness yet so sweet!

This girl is clothes obsessed!

Playing with her buddy Evie ay school!

Enjoy the tropical weather at the Aviary!

She has been saving her money but today she cashed in on a new pony!

super cute but ready to be done with coats and hats

chilly but happy to be at the zoo!

Hello red panda!

The polar bears were swimming and it was so awesome!

super cool and rare!

We do get some pretty sunsets during the winters!

momma got a little getaway trip with Auntie Erica to Vegas!

Where he is most entertained these days

wearing moms boots!

little dude had a bit of a fever. 
pretty sure he hasn't fallen asleep on me since ehe was a couple months old!

family walk in the sun!

he loves anything with wheels so he was pretty excited about the bus garage!

we finally got to walk to preschool pick up!

We've been exploring Phipps Botanical Gardens lately!

These kids were happy to be up and out