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Monday, November 28, 2011

 Part 2 of Week 3 for the Peanut!
3 weeks in and we are still in love!

 The Teodoro Turkey Trot 5 K gang!

 The peanut's daddy!  He was getting all prepared to go under the house!

 Rough life for the little one!

 It is nearly impossible to get a family photo and a good one at that...

 Fighting the nap but slowly giving in!

Hahaha, how skeptical does she look!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sneak Peak

I have been trying to be good about taking pictures and while I feel like I am, most of them are on my iPhone which does not take the best quality pictures but at least there will be lots of the little lady!  Here is a sneak peak into week 3 of Trevi's life so far!!!

 BIG stretch!

 First bath! She loves it!

 Hanging with her buddies in her carseat!


 Doing a little tummy time

 Out walking Pete on a sunny Friday morning!

 hahah, this girl loves to sleep and it is usually in just a diaper! She is so happy!

 First annual Teodoro Turkey Trot! Trevi was the youngest member!  She is all bundled up in her stroller.

She definitely was not cold in her stroller and did great for the 5K, even if we only did 1/3 of it! Thanks G for walking with us!! :)

 Daddy date night!  I left her for the first time to go to bible study.  Let me tell you... not easy.

 Little toes!

 Happy and sleepy baby!

Ahhh, what a life!

Thanks for checking in on us! Trevi will be 3 weeks old on Monday and let me tell you time is flying by.  We love her so much and we are having so much fun!! I can't help but just stare at her thinking about amazing it is that I carried her for 9 months and 3 weeks and now she is here!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Welcome to week 2 of Trevi's life!

1. Trevi took her first bottle without any issues and she has been doing a great job of switching between nursing and a bottle!  Let's hope she keeps it up!!
2. Brett went back to work this week and while we miss him a ton it is really cute to see how excited he is when he gets home! 
3. We have been receiving all sorts of great meals from friends and it has been so nice to have something prepared!  We feel so loved!
4. I have never done so much laundry in my life!!  I am doing like 2 loads a day.  I never thought such little clothes and blankets could take up so much room in a washer!
5. My friend, Fiona, came over to practice taking newborn photos so I decided to take a few of my own! Trevi and Memphis looked so cute and were such good girls!  I can't wait to see Fiona's pictures!  She is a great photographer and she also has a super cute blog titled Letters to Little!!  Check it out!

 OK, they really are the same size but having Memphis in front is a bit of an illusion!

 Check out those differences in skin color!  Sorry Trevi, you are a little fair!  I see a trip to Maui in her future!

 Future best buddies!

 Ahhhh, I love this girl!!!

 hahah, she totally skeptical! Check out those eyebrows!


Trevi's first bottle!  Daddy got to feed her finally!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Trevi's First Week

 Our peanut

 Size comparison with big brother, Pete

 Daddy is IN LOVE
This makes my heart happy!!!!!

 Teeny tiny head

 This is what most mornings look like! I feed her and daddy gets to snuggle!

 Captured a smile! I like to think it was on purpose but really I am sure it was just a really great dream!

 Enjoying some sunshine

Trevi's head was smaller than a honey crisp apple! Granted this was a HUGE apple but still!!

I am already a week old.  
I am frowning for Mommy and Daddy because they don't want me to change!

Thanks for checking in on us!! All is going well in at our house!  Trevi is sleeping a ton and eating like her daddy!! She sleeps in her crib every night and loves to go on walks!  I cannot believe a week has already passed.....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trevi Norrine is here!
Born 11/7/11 at 12:47pm!
6 lbs 14 oz and 20 inches long

Pre-birth but post-epidural!

My peanut!

 Proud grandparents!

 Best buddies!
Erica, my sister-in-law, and I both had baby girls on the same day only 4 hours apart! They weighed the exact same and were both the same length! The same doctor even delivered them!

 Getting some sunshine!

 Enjoying the chair from Auntie Amy!

Loving my little girl!

Thanks for everyone who visited us, prayed for us and supported us through this amazing time!  We are so happy to be home and enjoying our little one!