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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Welcome to week 2 of Trevi's life!

1. Trevi took her first bottle without any issues and she has been doing a great job of switching between nursing and a bottle!  Let's hope she keeps it up!!
2. Brett went back to work this week and while we miss him a ton it is really cute to see how excited he is when he gets home! 
3. We have been receiving all sorts of great meals from friends and it has been so nice to have something prepared!  We feel so loved!
4. I have never done so much laundry in my life!!  I am doing like 2 loads a day.  I never thought such little clothes and blankets could take up so much room in a washer!
5. My friend, Fiona, came over to practice taking newborn photos so I decided to take a few of my own! Trevi and Memphis looked so cute and were such good girls!  I can't wait to see Fiona's pictures!  She is a great photographer and she also has a super cute blog titled Letters to Little!!  Check it out!

 OK, they really are the same size but having Memphis in front is a bit of an illusion!

 Check out those differences in skin color!  Sorry Trevi, you are a little fair!  I see a trip to Maui in her future!

 Future best buddies!

 Ahhhh, I love this girl!!!

 hahah, she totally skeptical! Check out those eyebrows!


Trevi's first bottle!  Daddy got to feed her finally!!

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Kisma said...

Yea for laundry... not to be a downer on that subject, but that will never go away... and I have discovered with girls- its actually gets worse. :-) Have fun with that.

She is beautiful and the pictures are awesome!!!!