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Monday, November 14, 2011

Trevi's First Week

 Our peanut

 Size comparison with big brother, Pete

 Daddy is IN LOVE
This makes my heart happy!!!!!

 Teeny tiny head

 This is what most mornings look like! I feed her and daddy gets to snuggle!

 Captured a smile! I like to think it was on purpose but really I am sure it was just a really great dream!

 Enjoying some sunshine

Trevi's head was smaller than a honey crisp apple! Granted this was a HUGE apple but still!!

I am already a week old.  
I am frowning for Mommy and Daddy because they don't want me to change!

Thanks for checking in on us!! All is going well in at our house!  Trevi is sleeping a ton and eating like her daddy!! She sleeps in her crib every night and loves to go on walks!  I cannot believe a week has already passed.....


ambernouveau said...

kate - she is absolutely gorgeous!! thanks for the update xoxo

Kisma said...

She is beatiful!!!!