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Friday, April 28, 2017

2 month update

We've lived in the desert for just over 2 months and so far I'm a huge fan! We've come up with a great routine (school, gym, parks, church, work and swimming), met some new friends, explored the city, had a hand full of visitors and acclimated to the weather! It was 72 and windy today and no one in our family was super stoked about it. It felt chilly and too cold for our desert blood. Thankfully the weather is picking up tomorrow!

continuing to enjoy the pool!

After a super sweaty session at the bike park 

love this little boy!

Brett used duckie to catch up on the zzz's

snacks in the tube

Trevi's teacher is amazing at braids!

watching a show in big boy undies

we're on the potty training train and so far it's going decently well

I'm pretty sure Auntie Mich gave Trevi this rashie set on one of her earliest trips to Maui and she still wears it and it sort of fits her. And yes, this is in Target!

This is how you potty train in the desert

Meg sent me this photo and I can't help but day dream about being back in Maui! 

I have been obsessed with sauerkraut lately so tonight was gooey reuben sandwiches!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Cousins Visit Part 2!!

Scott, Erica and the cousins spent 3 super fun nights at our house and then they headed down to the strip for 2 nights. It sounds like they had a ton of fun and we were able to cash in on their hotel pool and have a fun morning swimming before they flew out Wednesday night. 

First time seeing the Welcome to Las Vegas sign!

The kids could not get enough of the lazy river at the Mandalay Bay!
Hi Erica! :)

Waiting for the wave from the wave pool. 
Notice Harvey's hand... he's got a special connection with his Auntie Erica!

Lunch pool side!

Hanging with my girlie pool side!

"boss man"

Chilling with Uncle Scott!

I really wish we would have taken more pictures but 1. pools and phones don't mix and 2. I am pretty terrible at remembering to take photos anyways.

Overall, we had the best time with out visitors! We are so thankful they came down and spent time with us and man, it was fun to see the kids spending time together playing, laughing, swimming and growing their friendships! Until next time!!!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Cousins Visit Part 1

Auntie Erica, Uncle Scott and the cousins came to visit us for their spring break and we are so happy they decided to spend their time with us! Here's what we we've been up to for the last 3 days!

Trevi and I used Friday evening for our weekly date. We got all the shopping we needed done for our visitors! Plus, we got some dinner at Whole Foods!

In the pool at 7am!

Boys breakfast!

We showed the cousins the bike park!

Such a fun group of kids who play well and love each other!

Cousin twins!

Show us your muscles boys!

Lunch at In N Out!

pool time shenanigans!

It's a spectator sport

We had a family movie night after a full day of swimming and sunshine!

Auntie and Uncle surprised the kids with our newest friend, Mr Duckie!

Teo family


Family photo!

these two have a very special relationship

Her story was interesting enough that he got on the paddle board with her to listen!

Girlies at church Easter morning!

such a fun little group of kids!

resting up before jumping in again!

lots going on around here!

Friday, April 14, 2017

I'm 33!

Brett is always super cute when it comes to birthdays! He thinks he's being sneaky but the decorated house routine comes out each year and it's my favorite! I love that he does this and goes all out!

I got head out for a much needed long run before the kids got up!

and I got a new bike for my birthday so we headed out for a family bike ride!

we found lots of baby ducks along the way!

the kids got to get so close thanks to the bread and it was so sweet!

they even got to pet them!

Harvey has figured out the balance bike and can cover some serious ground!

We love this little lake near us!

Lunch out with the family!

burgers and milkshakes!

Brett also got me a groupon to try a float tank! They add 1000 lbs of epsom salt to a bath that is only 10 inches deep and you just float! It's sooooooo cool and relaxing and helped with my sore muscles from my run!

We ended the night with a trip to Ben and Jerry's to use my free birthday scoop!

Thanks to my little family for the awesome day! I felt so loved!