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Friday, April 7, 2017

A letter to my kids:                                                                         April 7, 2017

You smile, I smile. You laugh, I laugh. You need something, I get it for you or help you get it yourself. You bicker, I help you solve it. You argue, I mediate. You are hungry, I feed you. Do you notice something? I am your mom and this is my job. I use the word job loosely because I love you and love spending my days with you. However, I am tired, a little burnt out, constantly learning and always changing my parenting to best help us make it through our days with minimal tears, screaming or losing it.  This all sounds very dramatic but that’s the reality of having two young kids. 

Trevi, you are almost 5.5 year old and you are a mixed bag of tricks at this age. You follow the typical first born traits: rule follower, aim to please (others, not your parents), smart, motivated, self-starting and more. You are also the most active person I have ever met, your body is in constant motion, you are full of spunk which often leads to awesome ideas but also tends to get you in trouble. You are gorgeous. You are thin as a bean despite all the food you eat. Your eyes are the exact same color as grandmas and mine, which I love so much!  Along with identical eyes, you are also identical to your daddy! It’s unreal how much you two are alike. You both sleep the same, you love to snuggle, you are a monkey, you can eat a ton but also love to savor treats. You love playing and neither of you can sit still!


If Trevi is child version od Brett then Harvey, my little man, you are a definitely an offshoot of me! I’m not convinced you got all the best traits of me but maybe that will change once you get older and mature! For now at just shy of three, you are happy when you want to be. You are needy when you want to be. You are oh so independent in your ways and yet always looking for help. It’s safe to say you are moody!  You have the cutest little round face, buzz cut hair and you are always sucking your thumb. You suck it so much your thumb constantly looks like a raisin. You love your thumb almost as much as you love your buzzie. Buzzie is your lifeline, your best friend and your comforter. You want and love anything your sister has or is doing.  She is the first person you ask for when you wake up or if you can’t see her.  

While you two might not be the best of friends right now, one day you will. I try to remind you of this often even if it sounds crazy right now.  Your relationship as brother and sister will be stronger than any other bond you have and Lord willing will be the longest relationship you have with anyone else.  My prayers for you two are always the same. Love each other, be kind to each other, enjoy having a friend, pray for each other and go easy on your dad and I!

Thank you for letting me be your mom. I spend my days doing my best to guide you, nurture you, love you, teach you, help you, pray for you and encourage both of you so that one day you will go into the world and do something amazing!

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

Proverbs 22:6

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