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Friday, April 14, 2017

I'm 33!

Brett is always super cute when it comes to birthdays! He thinks he's being sneaky but the decorated house routine comes out each year and it's my favorite! I love that he does this and goes all out!

I got head out for a much needed long run before the kids got up!

and I got a new bike for my birthday so we headed out for a family bike ride!

we found lots of baby ducks along the way!

the kids got to get so close thanks to the bread and it was so sweet!

they even got to pet them!

Harvey has figured out the balance bike and can cover some serious ground!

We love this little lake near us!

Lunch out with the family!

burgers and milkshakes!

Brett also got me a groupon to try a float tank! They add 1000 lbs of epsom salt to a bath that is only 10 inches deep and you just float! It's sooooooo cool and relaxing and helped with my sore muscles from my run!

We ended the night with a trip to Ben and Jerry's to use my free birthday scoop!

Thanks to my little family for the awesome day! I felt so loved!

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