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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Swimming can lead to an ER visit

The pictures below are of Trevi at her swimming lessons which she seems to enjoy. The following pictures are of her recent and our first ER visit due to splitting her chin open at the pool. Thankfully this did not happen at swimming lessons but instead at the gym pool. We are happy she is ok and lets hope there are no more ER visits in our future.

She's a little obsessed with her Moana takeaways from the bday party in Pittsburgh

Daddy met us at the ER and stayed until he had to start another case

Trying to talk to her about what is about to happen... for the record it did not go well.
The thought of stitches was very scary to her.

trying to distract her

It was so scary that we ended up having to give her some medication to calm her way down and then restrain her for the actual stitches part. It was very emotional for everyone but we are thankful for the nurse and doctors there taking care of us

Home and resting

the final product

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