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Friday, April 28, 2017

2 month update

We've lived in the desert for just over 2 months and so far I'm a huge fan! We've come up with a great routine (school, gym, parks, church, work and swimming), met some new friends, explored the city, had a hand full of visitors and acclimated to the weather! It was 72 and windy today and no one in our family was super stoked about it. It felt chilly and too cold for our desert blood. Thankfully the weather is picking up tomorrow!

continuing to enjoy the pool!

After a super sweaty session at the bike park 

love this little boy!

Brett used duckie to catch up on the zzz's

snacks in the tube

Trevi's teacher is amazing at braids!

watching a show in big boy undies

we're on the potty training train and so far it's going decently well

I'm pretty sure Auntie Mich gave Trevi this rashie set on one of her earliest trips to Maui and she still wears it and it sort of fits her. And yes, this is in Target!

This is how you potty train in the desert

Meg sent me this photo and I can't help but day dream about being back in Maui! 

I have been obsessed with sauerkraut lately so tonight was gooey reuben sandwiches!

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