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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Maui is definitely my favorite place on the planet! It has everything I want on one perfect little island! Sun, beach, warm weather, nice breezes, no bugs, a beautiful ocean, a variety of terrains and all sorts of climates, fresh food, and best of all the sun.  Did I mention I hate to be cold and I love the sunshine!!!

 Driving to the airport last Thursday! It was beautiful but I am not a fan of 32 degrees. 
Happy we wont be back here for 3 whole weeks!

my slice of heaven!

Trevi checking out the pretty flowers.  
I can't seem to rotate the picture :(

 this girl is in heaven!

 She spends ALL day outside!

 dinner fun!

 transporting water!

 she is constantly pointing to all the airplanes!

 reading a story with dad!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunny Park Day

It was a rare day here in the PNW because we got some sun!!!! While it hasn't been raining it has been very very very gray which is quite depressing. :( So, Trevi and I decided to seize the day and head to the park to play in the sunshine! Let's be honest... We've got Maui on our mind!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


 we went to the zoo with cousins Val and Bri! This peacock was very brave.

 we spent a long afternoon away from the house at the zoo and running errands so when we got home Trevi was so excited to read a book!

 new bathing suit for my teenie wahine!
We're Maui bound in 5 days!

 Trevi and I took my parents to the airport and to distract her on the way home I figured she would play with the wrapper on the biscotti.  Surely I did not think she would eat it....

 I really didn't think she would eat it, much less the whole thing...

 boy was I wrong..... !

 My sister gave birth to baby Thomas Heacox Lester on 1.15.13!  He was 8 lb 7 oz and so sweet!

 He's so tiny!

 Trevi and I went to pick them up from the hospital and I would say we did pretty well! They both slept the whole way home!

 playing on the horsey at Grandma's house!

 Bridget and Dutch (6 months) came over the a play date! Trevi (14 months) was very intrigued by the baby!

 Dutch giving Trevi a ride on his car and loaning her his jacket! Such a gentleman!
 I made homemade Chocolate Chip Meringue cookies (check out my post on Kitchen of Kate for the recipe) and I thought I would let Trevi in on the secret of licking the beater! She was very pleased!
 loving the beater! I see a baker in my future!

 I hope these videos work! This is Trevi laughing!

Trevi practicing some of her words and sounds!

 Brett's sister, Michelle, also had a baby girl this past week! Naomi Eden VanSomeren was born on 1.14.13 in Okinawa, Japan!
Michelle's two other girls admiring Naomi with Pa! Olivia (3) and Mia (17 months)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Trevi's January Adventures!

we got a zoo membership for Christmas (thank you G and Pa) so decided to go a couple of days ago! It was chilly and rainy but that made it all the better because the zoo was empty and the animals were all in their little nests or had just been fed so it was awesome animal watching!
Check out our awesome time!
 Trevi pointing at the sharks!

 the huge tiger sleeping!

 first carousel ride! She loved it!

 this guy was awesome!

I have never seen the octopus out! this was pretty special!

 checking out the sea otters!

polar bear and his bone!

lots of red wolves!
octopus again!


 best dollar ever!

  our little hawk... sad loss but it was a great game and a heck of a fight!

 horsey! grandma, keep your eye out for one of these!

 playing with Brielle!

 playing on the ladder! well supervised!

 cute Seahawk fans!

playing in Violet's playhouse!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I am starting to realize Trevi understands more than I think she does! She can go get something I ask for, she understands if I ask her if she wants something and just yesterday I asked her if she wanted to go take a bath and she ran into the bathroom and got so excited!! So, here are some photos from the little monkey in the tub!

 just smiling all the time! 

 her favorite thing to play with is books, even in the tub!


 check out all those teeth! You may even be able to see the molar in the back!

my sweet girl!