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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Maui is definitely my favorite place on the planet! It has everything I want on one perfect little island! Sun, beach, warm weather, nice breezes, no bugs, a beautiful ocean, a variety of terrains and all sorts of climates, fresh food, and best of all the sun.  Did I mention I hate to be cold and I love the sunshine!!!

 Driving to the airport last Thursday! It was beautiful but I am not a fan of 32 degrees. 
Happy we wont be back here for 3 whole weeks!

my slice of heaven!

Trevi checking out the pretty flowers.  
I can't seem to rotate the picture :(

 this girl is in heaven!

 She spends ALL day outside!

 dinner fun!

 transporting water!

 she is constantly pointing to all the airplanes!

 reading a story with dad!

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