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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Trevi's January Adventures!

we got a zoo membership for Christmas (thank you G and Pa) so decided to go a couple of days ago! It was chilly and rainy but that made it all the better because the zoo was empty and the animals were all in their little nests or had just been fed so it was awesome animal watching!
Check out our awesome time!
 Trevi pointing at the sharks!

 the huge tiger sleeping!

 first carousel ride! She loved it!

 this guy was awesome!

I have never seen the octopus out! this was pretty special!

 checking out the sea otters!

polar bear and his bone!

lots of red wolves!
octopus again!


 best dollar ever!

  our little hawk... sad loss but it was a great game and a heck of a fight!

 horsey! grandma, keep your eye out for one of these!

 playing with Brielle!

 playing on the ladder! well supervised!

 cute Seahawk fans!

playing in Violet's playhouse!

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