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Saturday, January 19, 2013


 we went to the zoo with cousins Val and Bri! This peacock was very brave.

 we spent a long afternoon away from the house at the zoo and running errands so when we got home Trevi was so excited to read a book!

 new bathing suit for my teenie wahine!
We're Maui bound in 5 days!

 Trevi and I took my parents to the airport and to distract her on the way home I figured she would play with the wrapper on the biscotti.  Surely I did not think she would eat it....

 I really didn't think she would eat it, much less the whole thing...

 boy was I wrong..... !

 My sister gave birth to baby Thomas Heacox Lester on 1.15.13!  He was 8 lb 7 oz and so sweet!

 He's so tiny!

 Trevi and I went to pick them up from the hospital and I would say we did pretty well! They both slept the whole way home!

 playing on the horsey at Grandma's house!

 Bridget and Dutch (6 months) came over the a play date! Trevi (14 months) was very intrigued by the baby!

 Dutch giving Trevi a ride on his car and loaning her his jacket! Such a gentleman!
 I made homemade Chocolate Chip Meringue cookies (check out my post on Kitchen of Kate for the recipe) and I thought I would let Trevi in on the secret of licking the beater! She was very pleased!
 loving the beater! I see a baker in my future!

 I hope these videos work! This is Trevi laughing!

Trevi practicing some of her words and sounds!

 Brett's sister, Michelle, also had a baby girl this past week! Naomi Eden VanSomeren was born on 1.14.13 in Okinawa, Japan!
Michelle's two other girls admiring Naomi with Pa! Olivia (3) and Mia (17 months)

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Babies everywhere! LOVE IT!