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Monday, June 27, 2011

I wish I had more to update on but really all we have been doing is working on the house. Brett has spent everyday over there getting so much done!!! I often feel bad because I cannot be there as much as he can, we do need some income after all, so I have been spending my days workings and my evening working again, but at the house! I have been helping out at any job that will take me. I have been at the dental office, watching my niece, Violet, and working a few shifts at the market. The variety is really nice. I just have to remember what time to get up depending on which job I need to be at. Lets hope I don't mix it up one day!

I am 20 weeks and few days along and all seems to be going well! We had our big ultrasound and the baby was healthy and hopefully happy. We looked away when the tech was in "that" area because we really honestly do not want to know the gender. So, a surprise it will stay!

Here are some pictures of the little peanut.

18 weeks 6 days

covering the face with it's little fists but 3D images sure are cool!

20 weeks 2 days-- starting to pop a little!

My sister gave me A LOT of clothes and these are all 6 months and younger! No need for shopping here!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well! Thanks to everyone who has helped on the house so far and come by the visit us! We love being around family and friends finally!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Well, we are in our first HOUSE!!!! I guess not really in but working on it and spending lots of time in it! We closed on Wednesday and we have been there every waking moment since we got it. We are having so much fun working on the place, making some decisions and plans for what we want to do and change and spending some time with there with friends already!

Walking into our house for the first time! 2 1/2 years married and 19 weeks pregnant!

Pete loves our front porch!

First time cooking (notice the "oven mitt")

Our first guests! Started out BBQing on the deck and then moved inside when it rained!

Wall pre-demo!

Pulling up the lovely shag carpet

Chris built us our first fire (if anyone asks, he started it without paper and only one match!)

Brett checking out the kitchen

living room before we pulled up the carpet (disgusting)

Just cleaning up and checking the place out! Notice the face mask-- the place stunk before we ripped the carpets out. The wall with the picture is the one that came down.

Job update:
carpets are out
almost all the nails and staples are out of the hardwood floors
wall is down
some things have been purchased/borrowed to try out (trim, tiles, floor samples, lighting)
we had our first bbq on the deck
we made a fire and the house did not get smoked out or burn down!
insulation and some walls have been removed so we can replace them
new windows and a sliding door have been purchased!!!!!!!!!!!! (double thumbs up)

Up next:
mark out location of all our new interior lights
pick out paint
prime all the walls with Kilz
sand and refinish the hardwood floors
update the electrical sockets
remove all cabinets and get an estimate to get them refinished
whatever else is on Brett's list!!!!

Thanks for all our support and labor help so far! Everyone has been so great and helpful already! I love and need design ideas so please send them our way!!!

Brett and Kate from the BK Lounge 2

Friday, June 17, 2011

Today is 19 weeks! We had our big halfway appointment yesterday and the Dr and ultrasound tech says that everything checked out fine and the baby looks healthy! We were very happy to hear the news! We were also thankful they didn't slip the gender! We do not want to find out and a slip would have been a bummer! We got to see the little peanut and they printed out lots of pictures for us which was fun but I still have not felt any kicks. Well, at least not that I know of. I guess I am not really sure what I am feeling for... Hopefully there will be more movement to come! However, the little one was moving in the ultrasound plenty so that was fun to see!

19 weeks today!

Brett had his first interview at TG yesterday and he felt like it went really well!!! Everyone was really nice, he got a tour of the ICU floor and met some other nurses! Hopefully he gets the job because it is exactly what he wants!
We closed on our house Wednesday and we have been working away over there every free minute we have!! Our families have already been a huge help and the work is coming right along! I will post pictures soon!!

Hope everyone is well!